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Reimbursement of home-working expenses during the corona crisis

Following agreements with the COR NWO, NWO-I has decided to reimburse all employees retroactively as of 1 July 2020 for the expenses of working from home during the corona crisis. It involves an amount of € 262 net for this year on the basis of full-time employment. If you are working part-time and/or have entered employment after 1 July 2020, this amount will be recalculated in proportionality to the extent and/or duration of your employment. Pay-out will take place at the December 2020 salary payment.

The reimbursement is based on calculations of the National Institute for Budget Information. Working from home costs, on average, € 2,- per day according to these calculations. NWO adopts this amount based on 131 workable days in 2020.

2021: on the basis of declaration only

Payment in December takes place automatically. You are only eligible for the home-work reimbursement on the basis of a declaration as of 1 January 2021. The same holds for commuting expenses for employees who, for whatever reason, work at their work location. This travel allowance by private transport during the corona crisis amounts to 19 cents per kilometer, over a maximum of 30 kilometers one way and with a maximum of € 170,- per month. Public transport travel is fully reimbursed. This means that both the reimbursement of homework and commuting expenses must be declared separately in the new year.

The reimbursement of home-working expenses stops as soon as employees are no longer obliged to work from home as much as possible on the basis of the guidelines from the RIVM and the Dutch government.

Working from home in corona time

NWO-I has been providing facilities to make working from home as easy as possible since the outbreak of the pandemic. The ICT infrastructure has been adjusted and in most locations employees are able to borrow necessary facilities such as an office chair, extra screen, and keyboard to set up their home workplace. Managers have been asked to show extra care for their team members.

NWO-I wants to use this reimbursement for home-working expenses to provide extra support to its employees during these difficult times. If you have any questions regarding this compensation or if you have any other questions about working from home, please contact your own P&O advisor.


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