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Special leave for care tasks made available again in second lockdown

Last August, NWO-I announced that from 1 September 2020 onwards, leave for care tasks would once again be granted in accordance with the prevailing CAO regulations. Schools and childcare had safely reopened and so there was no longer any reason to accord special leave independent of the collective labour agreement. This situation has changed again now that the second lockdown has come into effect since 16 December 2020. Therefore, NWO-I is once more granting leave for care tasks until it is safe for schools and childcare to reopen.

You can make agreements with your line manager about combining work and care tasks during this exceptional period. The guiding principle is that employees will receive paid special leave for the time they devote to care tasks. The special leave will be granted independent of the current collective labour agreement regulations. This is necessary now that primary schools, secondary schools, after-school care, and day care for the elderly and disabled have been (partly) closed again during the second coronavirus lockdown.

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