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Update - NWO-I office unreachable due to NWO hack

At the moment, NWO’s network, is not accessible. The servers have were hacked on 13 February 2021. This means that the NWO-I office cannot be reached either. However, this problem does not apply to the nine NWO Institutes that are part of NWO-I. These institutes can continue their daily business as usual.

Update 24 February: Internal files leaked, NWO will not respond to demands hackers

On 13 February 2021 criminal group DoppelPaymer hacked the NWO network. On fundamental grounds, NWO, as part of the Dutch governmental institutions, isn't willing to pay ransom. On 24 February, DoppelPaymer therefore published the first internal NWO documents on the dark web

Although NWO highly regrets the unfortunate situation of sensitive personnel documents being spread unauthorised, NWO will not alter its position. This can lead to a situation in the near future where more stolen documents could be made public.

In the meantime NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO, makes a maximum effort to inform the NWO-I employees (employees of the NWO Institutes, the BUW employees of the university workgroups and the employees of the NWO-I office) about the latest developments. NWO is busy re-installing its network from scratch. Most likely, the network will be up and running within a few weeks. In the weeks thereafter the network will be made fully operational.

Contact via website NWO

In addition to inaccessible data, all applications on the NWO network are currently inaccessible. This means that the email addresses of the NWO-I office are not accessible. Office software, including Outlook, cannot be used either. The NWO-I office is also inaccessible by telephone. The general telephone number is being redirected and can be answered if possible, but for the time being people outside NWO-I can go to the NWO website for information and to ask questions. There you will find a special web form, also for questions to and/or about the NWO-I office. The websites of NWO and NWO-I have not been affected by the hack.

The NWO-I office is doing all it can to continue providing essential services to its nine research institutes. At NWO, everything is now being done to solve the problem in the network as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it is not possible to say how long this situation will last.

More information

All information on the hack and a question form can be found on the NWO website


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