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NWO-I office accessible again

Since Monday 15 March, the NWO-I office is reachable again. Also, the email addresses ending with are fully functional. The portal NWO-I People can be used again as well.

Since the hack of the NWO network at 13 February, the NWO-I office was inaccessible for four weeks. In the meantime an alternative network was built and applications and data storage were gradually put back online. NWO-I regrets the fact that the accessibility was very limited the past few weeks. And even though it was due to circumstances beyond our control, we hope the inconvenience was as limited as possible.

Help and system reconstruction

The aftermath of the hack still has our full attention. Since the hackers started publishing stolen NWO data online on the dark web, NWO-I is working together with Hoffmann, an expert in internet security and identity fraud. NWO-I employees can get in contact with them 24/7 for any questions and concerns. In addition, there is an online Q&A especially for staff at which is updated daily. In this way, NWO-I as the NWO institute organisation, continues to make every effort to inform and assist staff of the NWO institutes, the BUW and the NWO-I office as fully and effectively as possible. In the meantime, NWO has reconfigured all systems and links with the application system ISAAC, personnel systems and websites are being restored. Since Monday 15 March the NWO-I office is fully accessible again. The NWO-I People HRM portal is back online again as well. 


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