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Update salary payment March 2021, payslip February 2021 and declarations

Since the hack of the NWO network on 13 February it has been difficult for NWO-I payroll to carry out the work. Previously, in an email of 22 February 2021, NWO-I informed all employees about the way NWO-I has paid the salary of February 2021. In this newsitem the follow-up and the latest news about salary payments, the payslip and declarations.

On 8 March 2021, NWO-I was able to recall the final salary production for February 2021, whereby changes to the date of entry and exit, part-time salary percentage and periodic salary increases could still be processed. For a number of employees this resulted in an additional salary payment on Wednesday 10 March. Unfortunately, this has also led to a claim for some employees. NWO-I will inform these employees individually about the claim and how it is to be settled.

Payslip February

The payslips for February 2021 will be made available on the NWO-I People portal as soon as possible. Please find herewith an explanation of this salary slip. Whenever you open the slip you are used to seeing a calculation ending with a statement of your net salary. As a result of the payment on 23 February 2021, you will see under the item Net, no amount, a deduction or a small additional payment on your salary slip of February 2021. You will find the amount you received on 23 February 2021 in the column 'Deductions' under the heading 'Corr net salaris vp' or under 'Deductions advance payment'. The result of the columns 'Payment' and 'Deduction' determines whether you see a back-payment, deduction or no amount in the item Net.

Implications of declaring travel expenses and/or home-work allowance

As a consequence of the hack, NWO-I was unable to access claims submitted after 5 February 2021. Claims submitted before 5 February and those submitted after the hack, i.e. as of 15 February 2021, are still available. It is possible that you received an error message after 15 February saying that the confirmation email to nwoi-reiskosten@NWO.NL was not delivered. This is due to the fact that the NWO mail addresses were blocked. The email sent by the declaration tool is only a summary of the submitted declaration. These declarations have indeed arrived and have been saved.

If you are uncertain whether you have submitted your declaration for January 2021 and February 2021, or if you have not yet done so, you can resubmit it. NWO-I will process the most recent declaration with the salary payment of April 2021.

Unfortunately, NWO-I will have its hands full this month with processing the fixed mutations required for correct salary payment and NWO-I will process the payment of the travel and/or home-work allowance with the salary of April 2021.

Salary payment March 2021

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, the salary for March 2021 will be transferred to you. At the moment, the priority is to correctly register the date of commencement of employment, date of termination of employment, part-time percentage, and grading data of our employees. These are, after all, the basic data needed for a correct calculation of the gross-net trajectory. This means that this month NWO-I will not process any variable mutations, such as participation in AVOM schemes or submitted declarations. If this postponement causes any problems, please contact the HR department of your organisational unit.

How to proceed?

NWO-I will of course do its utmost to process all changes as quickly as possible, but to ensure that NWO-I has a clear picture of all requests, your help is needed. All emails sent to NWO-I after 5 February 2021 are no longer available. It is therefore possible that NWO-I is missing a number of mutations. NWO-I kindly asks you to check whether you have contacted NWO-I after 5 February 2021 regarding a mutation or a question and to resend your email.


If you have any questions about your payslip or salary payment, please contact NWO-I by e-mail: You can also contact the HR department of the organisational unit of the institute you work at. If necessary, they can forward questions to the NWO-I office.

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