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NWO-I management report and financial statement 2020 online

In the management report you can read that 2020 was in many ways a special year for NWO-I with a number of developments that had a special impact on the organisation: the renewal of the national research fleet, developments aimed at adding value to the institutes' portfolio, the development of a new governance of NWO-I and the coronapandemic.

It was certainly a promising year for the NWO institutes as well. They continued to work hard on their position and built on existing and new programmes and partnerships to increase their national role and added value for the knowledge field.  In addition, NWO-I continued to work on more diversity and inclusion, the pursuit of open science and the different way to recognize and reward scientists, in order to respond to developments and questions in society to which fundamental and applied research can help to provide answers.

You can find the management report here. In Dutch only.

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