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NWO-I Management Report and Financial Statement 2021 online

In this Management Report, you can read how last year we worked on our mission: high-quality scientific research. We worked on our large and powerful radio telescopes, instruments for climate measurements from space, and new energy sources of the future.
There were also some administrative changes. The Permanent Committee on National Institutes submitted a preliminary recommendation to the boards of NWO and KNAW on developments of major scientific importance to which the portfolio of institutes should be responsive.
In March 2021, NWO-I and NWO were hit by a hack. This had, together with the ongoing corona pandemic, a particular impact on the organisation.

Despite this impact, the Institutes continued to build on international collaborations and large scientific infrastructures to increase their (inter)national role and added value to the knowledge field.

NWO-I meanwhile worked hard on diversity and inclusion, open science, and the different recognition and appreciation of scientists.

The Management Report and the Financial Statement 2021, which you can find here, are in Dutch only.

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