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Development Operations programme gains momentum

Last June, with the approval of the vision on operations* by the Foundation Board, an important step was taken in the Development Operations NWO-I programme.
As described in the Inside NWO-I edition of February 2022, the programme aims to strengthen the quality and increase the efficiency of the operations. The group works council NWO-I (GOR NWO-I) issued a positive advice about the vision, and has concluded agreements with the council about the further timetable and a flanking (supporting) social policy. The key points of the flanking social policy are: no compulsory redundancies, no compulsory change of the place of employment, the appointment of a supervisory committee and publishing vacancies internally first. The flanking social policy is mainly important for those aspects of the programme that have consequences for certain groups of employees (Personnel & Organisation, and Finances & Control).

* The operations vision can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Vision elaborated in plans for each organisation unit

The vision will be elaborated in nine concrete proposals that will be submitted to GOR NWO-I for advice.
Meanwhile, GOR NWO-I has received plans for operations in five domains: Strategic Support, Communication, Accommodation & Facilities Management, Health & Safety and Environment, and Legal Affairs & Privacy. The remaining four plans for ICT & Security, Finances & Control, Procurement, and Personnel & Organisation will follow this month or in October. The plans for Finances & Control, Procurement, and Personnel & Organisation provide for the formation of joint service units for the institutes. The decision-making concerning all plans should be completed this year. Finally, an organisation plan for the NWO-I office will be elaborated too, as soon as all other requests for advice have been submitted to GOR NWO-I. In this plan, the effects of all proposals for improvement will be brought together.


More information will be provided in the Inside NWO-I of November/December 2022. Meanwhile, the employees involved will, of course, be kept informed via their own institute. And also via the programme organisation at the NWO-I office, where these changes concern the formation of joint service units.

Steering group

The members of the steering group that coordinates the Development Operations programme are: Marco de Baar (director DIFFER), Stan Bentvelsen (director Nikhef), Paula van Tijn (institute manager AMOLF), Annemieke Beers (institute manager SRON), Michiel van den Hout (head Strategic Support NWO-I office) and Jan van der Boon (chair/ director of operations NWO-I).


For questions about the programme, please contact the director or institute manager of your own institute. Alternatively, you can also contact the secretary of the steering group, David van Walderveen.

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