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Information pages on knowledge safety within NWO-I online

What is knowledge safety?

Knowledge safety is one of the important themes within NWO-I. Knowledge safety is primarily about undesirable transfer of sensitive knowledge and technology. Transfer is undesirable if it affects the national security or competitiveness of our country (unnecessarily undesirable or too serious). In addition, knowledge safety involves covert influence on education and research by other states. This interference endangers academic freedom and social safety at research institutions.

Knowledge safety at NWO-I

NWO-I wants research at NWO-I to take place in a safe manner and also in a safe environment. In a safe manner means not only that in conducting the research care is taken to ensure knowledge safety and the core academic values of integrity and independence are respected, but also that research results can be shared, where possible, in the context of Open Science. In a safe environment means that researchers and staff feel free and respected to contribute optimally to research.

New on the website

Starting this week, a separate spot on the website has therefore been set aside on this theme.
PKI (Privacy, Knowledge safety and Information security) - NWO-I
Here you can find not only background information but also what to do if you want to report an incident or have questions about this theme. The pages will be further optimised and completed in the coming period.

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