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Second confidential advisor scientific integrity at NWO-I

NWO-I employees can approach Freya Senf and Thom Palstra

Freya Senf has been appointed as confidential advisor scientific integrity at NWO-I with effect from 1 June. She replaces Tanja Kulkens, who in 2022 became the director of NWO Domain Science. Kulkens could not combine her new job with the position of confidential advisor scientific integrity. With the arrival of Senf, there are now once again two confidential advisors who NWO-I employees can approach with questions about scientific integrity. Thom Palstra has been confidential advisor scientific integrity since 2021.

Senf gained her PhD in molecular biology. A year ago, she became director of operations of the Environmental Sciences Group at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Before that, Senf worked in various science-related jobs: as programme manager at Technology Foundation STW (now NWO AES) and managing director of the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University. Until her switch to Wageningen University & Research, she was the Institute manager of DIFFER.


Both confidential advisors scientific integrity want to be easily accessible for NWO-I employees with questions or dilemmas concerning scientific integrity that they cannot discuss with their immediate colleagues. Confidential advisors can listen, advise and, if necessary, supervise. In the case of concerns, questions or suspected violations of scientific integrity, they can be reached via The confidential advisors guarantee complete confidentiality. Follow-up actions can only take place if the employee who approaches them grants permission for this. For more information, please see the NWO-I website as well.

Thom Palstra and Freya Senf: ‘Assume responsibility for actively dealing with scientific integrity yourself, but know where to find us if you get stuck!’

See the short video about scientific integrity

As a researcher, you are sometimes suddenly confronted with a question that might be a violation of scientific integrity. What do you do then? In this short video on the NWO-I website, two researchers, Joost Frenken and Roland Bliem, show how such a dilemma can suddenly arise when you do not expect it… In the second part of the short video, Thom Palstra introduces himself.

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