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Knowledge coalition: guard position Netherlands as knowledge country

"We would like to congratulate the winners of these elections on the election results. We trust that the parties that will now work on a new government coalition will realise the importance of the Netherlands as a knowledge country", said Marcel Levi as chairman of the Knowledge Coalition, the partnership between entrepreneurs and scientists, in response to the results of the House of Representatives elections.

Knowledge and talent are crucial for solving the complex societal challenges facing the Netherlands and contribute to strengthening the economy; knowledge and talent are the raw materials for a future-proof Netherlands and activity in many of our country's regions. By continuing to invest sustainably in research and innovation and remaining attractive to international students and employees, the Netherlands can remain a global leader in the field of knowledge and innovation.

A strong knowledge base makes the Netherlands attractive for R&D investments by (foreign) companies and maintains our position as a magnet and breeding ground for (international) talent and new business.
"Countries around us, such as Germany and Spain, recognise the importance of a healthy knowledge economy. Denmark has already reversed measures to limit the number of international students due to the great damage to its economy. If investment in knowledge and innovation in the Netherlands comes under pressure and we retreat behind the dykes, we will fall behind as the Netherlands."

Cutting back on knowledge now and severely limiting the influx of international students will have major consequences for the Netherlands as a knowledge country. Therefore, the Knowledge Coalition calls for structural investments in research and science to preserve our solid base in research, innovation and talent.
"As the Knowledge Coalition, we advocate on behalf of the business community and knowledge institutions to continue striving to spend at least three percent of GDP on research and innovation", said Levi. "In the run-up to the elections, we have seen several plans that put pressure on investments in knowledge and innovation, when they are so important." Structural investments in research and science pay off handsomely, studies and reports show time and again, such as the KNAW's advisory report 'Value of Science' and Rabo Research's analysis.

About the Knowledge Coalition

The Knowledge Coalition is an alliance of entrepreneurs and scientists and consists of Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH), Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), KNAW, NWO, ZonMw, VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland and the Institutes for Applied Research (TO2-federation).
Together, the Knowledge Coalition strives for optimal conditions for research and innovation to flourish in the Netherlands and acts as a discussion partner for the government.


Source: NWO.
Visit the NWO website for more information. 

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