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Ready to embrace the impact? New Recognition & Rewards e-magazine

The new Recognition & Rewards e-magazine, Embrace the impact, is full of interviews, blogs, articles and good practices on the national Recognition & Rewards programme at the various academic institutions in the Netherlands.

One of the highlights: an interview with Martin van Breukelen, Institute Manager of DIFFER, on the importance of Team Science.

In the e-magazine, the ambitions and progress of the Recognition & Rewards programme are illustrated through in-depth articles and video clips. There are good practices, the latest on international and other developments, as well as personal stories.

In the magazine you will find interviews with PhD candidate Britt van Belkom and her thesis supervisor Remco Havermans about her PhD track.
DIFFER's Institute Manager Martin van Breukelen shares how interdisciplinary collaboration is in the DNA of DIFFER.
Marieke Adriaanse discusses culture change and the role language plays in this.
There is also an interview with Matilde Galli, Rinske Vermeij, and Sarah de Rijcke about the question how to define quality.
In addition, institutions share various good practices, such as in terms of career paths and leadership. And three lecturers speak about their passion for teaching.

The e-magazine is in English and is available to everyone.


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