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Sandra de Keijzer new Confidential Advisor Whistleblower Regulation

Sandra de Keijzer, head of Chemistry and Physics at ENW (NWO-D), has been appointed as confidant within the Whistleblower Scheme on 13 December 2023. She succeeds Tanja Kulkens, who became ENW director last year.

Whistleblower Regulation

NWO-I assumes that work within the organisation is done responsibly and honestly. Integrity in actions is an essential condition for NWO to fulfil its statutory mission. Integrity starts with integrity in the behaviour of all employees. If something does go wrong, NWO considers it important that this is reported. NWO therefore has a Whistleblower Regulation.

The aim of the regulation is that every NWO employee can report (suspected) wrongdoing in a safe and effective manner without any consequences for their legal position. Examples of wrongdoing include (imminent) criminal offences or an (imminent) danger to public health, safety or the environment.

Contact with the confidential advisor

If you suspect wrongdoing, you can report it to your manager. You can also contact the confidential advisor. For NWO-I this is now Sandra de Keijzer. Telephone: +31 30 600 12 56.

After reporting to the confidential adviser, they will inform the NWO-I Foundation Board. This will be followed by an investigation, of which you will be notified within six weeks.

More information about the Whistleblower Regulation

The Whistleblower Regulation is part of the Implementation Regulations (IR), regulation 14. The implementation regulations were drawn up together with the central employee participation body as a supplement to the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO in Dutch). The current Implementation Regulations have been in force since 1 March 2023. More information and the full text of the IR can be found (as a download) on the NWO-I website.

Confidental Infomation