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International Women's Day at NWO-I

On March 8, we marked International Women's Day at NWO-I. A day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide and draws attention to gender equality and women's rights.
It is a day to recognize and celebrate women's contributions to society, as well as raise awareness about the challenges women continue to face worldwide. And to strive for equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender - in science too!

Extra attention for women in science is needed

At the institutes and at the NWO-I office, attention was drawn to International Women's Day. For example, ASTRON announced its intention to create a database of female scientists for use by the media. CWI hosted a lunch meeting for female scientists. NIOZ called for gender equality and inclusion via social media. Special Women's Day chocolates were handed out at the NWO-I bureau.

Extra attention to women in science is still needed. The latest figures from the National Network of Women Professors, for example, show that just over a quarter of professors in the Netherlands are women. The growth rate is stalling. Across the organization at NWO-I, the percentage of female scientists across all scales (including researchers in training) is 31 percent by the end of 2022. In the higher scales (13 to 18), the percentage of female scientists is much lower, at 19 percent.

Women+ employee network

NWO has a Women+ employee network. The goal of the network is to raise awareness about the role of women in science and provide input for NWO's Diversity & Inclusion policy. The network met on 27 February for a panel discussion. Panelists Maricke Flierman (PhD, Nikhef), Dr. Irene Viola (tenure-track researcher, CWI), Dr. Emilia Olsson (Group Leader, ARCNL) and Daphne Dekker (PhD, AMOLF) shared their personal experiences as women in science. Among other things, they talked about maintaining a healthy work-life balance, cultural diversity, workplace discrimination and the necessities for creating an inclusive work environment. The audience also shared their own experiences. About 30 colleagues participated in the panel discussion.

More information and joining

Do you want to learn more about NWO-I's diversity & inclusion policy, join the Women+ employee network, or are you interested in coordinating the network? Then contact Judith Kreukels, D&I project leader at bureau NWO-I. You will also find more information about D&I on the NWO-I website and on the websites of the institutes.

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