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May 27th 2019


Michael Wise new Director General at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

The NWO board has appointed Dr. Michael Wise as General and Scientific director of SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research. Wise is currently Head of Astronomy at the NWO institute ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. He also holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam. Wise will take up his new position effective 1 January 2019 and lead SRON through an important phase in the coming years including overseeing the relocation of the Utrecht headquarters to the Bio Science Campus at Leiden University.

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Detlef Lohse to receive 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize

Detlef Lohse, Professor of Physics of Fluids at the University of Twente, will receive the prestigious Fluid Dynamics Prize of the American Physical Society (APS). It is a prize for world's top scientists in the field.

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Christiane Klöditz, Head of Mathematics and Computer Science

Christiane Klöditz (1966)  has been Head of Mathematics and Computer Science in the NWO domain Science since 1 April 2017. She studied computer science in Magdeburg, Germany. She gained her PhD in the field of image processing. She has worked in the Netherlands since 1993; during the first eight years as an adviser in software development at a research and consultancy firm and at NWO since 2001. 'I entered industry as a scientist and subsequently made the step to the combination of management, science policy and science programming. I enjoy that mix.'

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NWO Spinoza Prizes awarded to Eveline Crone, Albert Heck, Michel Orrit and Alexander van Oudenaarden

Today NWO president Stan Gielen announced that developmental psychologist Eveline Crone, analytical chemist Albert Heck, physical chemist Michel Orrit and biologist and biophysicist Alexander van Oudenaarden have each been awarded an NWO Spinoza Prize. These researchers have been given this prize for their exceptional, pioneering and inspiring work. The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest scientific distinction in the Netherlands. The laureates will each receive 2.5 million euros which they can spend on scientific research.

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'Zwaartekracht' for Dogterom and Buhrman

Once again six research teams of top scientists from various Dutch universities have received funding to jointly set up excellent scientific research programmes in the coming years. The Dutch Minister of Education Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, has made a total amount of 112.8 million euros available. The teams of Marileen Dogterom and Harry Buhrman are granted 18.8 million euros for their research on building a synthetic cell and quantum software.

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Professor Sytze Brandenburg appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

On Wednesday 26 April 2017,  Professor Sytze Brandenburg received a Royal Decoration. He has been appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. Brandenburg is professor of Accelerator Physics at the University of Groningen and is programme leader at the Institutes Organisation of NWO (NWO-I). Mayor P.E.J. den Oudsten of the Municipality of Groningen presented the decoration in the Groningen Town Hall.

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Sieb Radelaar has passed away

On Wednesday 19 April 2017 Sijbrand (Sieb) Radelaar passed away. He was 78 years old. Professor Radelaar was emeritus professor at Delft University of Technology, a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau.

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Jo van den Brand elected as spokesperson Virgo

On 19 April professor Jo van den Brand was elected as the new spokesperson for Virgo. Van den Brand is programme leader Gravitational Waves at Nikhef and professor at VU University Amsterdam. Over the past few years he has led the gravitational waves group with considerable success and the biggest highlight so far was the announcement on 11 February 2016 that gravitational waves had been detected for the first time. Van den Brand is the driving force behind the possibility of realising the future generation of gravitational wave detectors, the so-called Einstein Telescope, in the Netherlands.

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Michiel van den Hout will become head of Strategic Support NWO-I with effect from 1 April 2017

Who is Michiel van den Hout? Michiel van den Hout (1976) was trained as a physicist. He started his studies at Utrecht University and graduated from Delft University of Technology. He subsequently became a trainee and then an account/project manager at ASM in Bilthoven (now Almere). After two years, he became the youngest project leader of the ASM Development department. Van den Hout: "I had the task to redesign the development process for machines and get colleagues who had already worked there for thirty years on board. Speaking about challenges! I learned a lot." Two years later, he found he missed the challenge of fundamental physics and therefore gladly accepted the offer of Cees Dekker (Delft University of Technology) to do a PhD. After his PhD graduation, he made a seven-month road trip by car through Africa and then accepted…

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Tanja Kulkens will become head of Chemistry and Physics within the NWO Science domain with effect from 1 April 2017

Who is Tanja Kulkens? "During a postdoc position, I realised that I did not want to continue as a researcher. As I found research interesting, I looked for a job that included both policy and research", says Tanja Kulkens (1962). She studied chemistry at VU University Amsterdam and received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology in Amsterdam and at the University of California. She subsequently did a postdoc at the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam. In 1994, she started as a policy officer at the Scheikundig Onderzoek in Nederland foundation (SON) of NWO (forerunner of the Chemical Sciences Division). Since 2002, Kulkens was the deputy director Chemical Sciences (CW)/head Chemistry at NWO. She is now head of Chemistry and Physics within the Science domain. "I enjoy being involved in different subjects. At CW, I was involved in the open competition…

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