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New personnel system for NWO-I

NWO-I will soon introduce a new personnel system: Youforce. In this system, the NWO-I office and the nine NWO Institutes will harmonise their P&O work processes, and that will result in a single support system for all organisational units. Youforce will also replace the current application NWO-I People, and the salary slip and self-service processes for employees will be made available via Youforce.

The system is not entirely new for NWO-I. Several organisation units are already working with the predecessor of Youforce. But that system is outdated and not user friendly. Besides which, some institutes use their own, different systems.

The joint personnel system Youforce will operate in the cloud and is user-friendlier. Via the Youforce portal, employees can, for example, follow the status of any changes submitted. The system also offers many more (additional) possibilities.

NWO-I aims to introduce the new personnel system with effect from 1 July 2022 within the NWO-I office and the nine NWO Institutes, and to harmonise all P&O processes within NWO-I during the course of 2022. More information about this project will follow in the June edition of the newsletter Inside NWO-I.

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