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New steps in Recognizing and Rewards: publication of national roadmap and start of implementation NWO-I vision document

Dutch knowledge institutions and research funders are taking a new step forward in the Recognition & Rewards programme, with the publication of a road map of concrete plans for the immediate future.
Within NWO-I we will soon start implementing our own vision document 'Recognising and Rewarding Talent in Today's Academia - NWO-I in a changing Academia'. Our focus is on five spearheads: national role, leadership, research, impact and education.

Room for everyone's talent

In 2019, Dutch knowledge institutions and research funders set out to broaden recognition of academic work and presented a position paper entitled  'Room for everyone's talent'.
This broader form of recognition and rewards is better suited to those working within the academic world today and to what society requires of them. For example, there is less emphasis on the number of publications written and more emphasis on other qualities, like teaching, leadership, having an impact, or (for medical centers) patient care. Numerous experiments have been launched with a view to implementing recognition and reward practices.

NWO-I's approach

At NWO-I, we have also taken up the Recognition & Rewards program. A committee was formed, consisting a cross-section of NWO-I staff; there is a representative from every job group and every organizational unit. In conversations with their colleagues, they formulated a vision in the document Recognizing and Rewarding talent in today's academia - NWO-I in a changing academia.
The ideas formulated there have been translated into actions that focus on the way in which we give shape and substance to our national role, leadership, research, impact and education.

With a partly renewed project team, we are going to work on making the ideas behind Recognition & Rewards more concrete. Step by step this will become visible in our communication, in parts of the personnel policy and in our daily work practice.

Roadmap versus NWO-I vision document

The national roadmap outlines how Dutch knowledge institutions will get started with Recognition & Rewards. Each organization makes a concrete translation of this for its own situation. This also applies to NWO-I: we look at what suits our unique position and choose our own plan of approach based on that. In this, the institutes will work closely together. 

National collaboration

NWO-I actively participates in the activities of the national platform and in smaller networks. There we learn from each other and share interesting ideas. Together we are smarter and this way we are keeping an eye on each other's progress and perspective. This also applies to how science funders translate E&W's thinking into, for example, the assessment of grant proposals.

We'll keep you posted.

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