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April 2019
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New house style for NWO

On Tuesday 26 March, NWO revealed its brand-new logo at its offices in Utrecht and The Hague. This will form the basis for an entirely new NWO house style that will apply to both NWO and NWO-I. The new house style will have few consequences for the NWO Institutes as they will continue to use their own house style. In their communications, however, they will continue to state their relationship with NWO as has been the case until now. All of this is still in the future though. The new house style will not be made public until 3 June 2019. Meanwhile, NWO and NWO-I will work on converting all resources, templates and communications to the new style.

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Nikhef head of communications Martijn van Calmthout talks about his switch to "the dark side"

'Our institute does not have the most cuddly subjects; we are not a zoo like Artis'

It was big news within science communication and journalism: Martijn van Calmthout, long-time Science Editor at de Volkskrant newspaper, switched in September 2018 to "the dark side": a journalist who goes and works in communication. He became head of communications at NWO Institute Nikhef. "The end of an era", wrote de Volkskrant, which referred to him as the spiritual father of sections such as Kennis en Wetenschap (Knowledge and Science). Now, six months on, he tells us about how his passion for science journalism arose, why he made the switch to Nikhef, and his experiences to date at the National Institute for subatomic physics.

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Highlight NSCR: bystander effect in street disputes disproved

During escalating disputes and fights on the street, bystanders nearly always intervene to help calm things down, reveals research carried out by NWO Institute NSCR. In an international project, NSCR researchers studied street disputes recorded on security cameras. For fifty years, psychologists have assumed the existence of a so-called bystander effect: in an emergency situation, most people in a crowd will watch without intervening. The higher the number of bystanders, the more anonymous we become and the smaller the chance that somebody intervenes. However, the opposite proves to be true. Bystanders very often take action and intervene. This is a radical new insight and a completely different outcome than the theory predicts.

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News from the COR NWO: Sjoerd Wouda looks back at four years of chairing NWO Central Works Council

‘The NWO Central Works Council stood at the front line during the implementation of the single NWO idea’
Sjoerd Wouda

Leading the NWO Central Works Council during a period of transition is no mean feat. Nevertheless, he succeeded in doing it. Sjoerd Wouda, software engineer at NWO Institute AMOLF, looks back with a sense of satisfaction at his NWO Central Works Council membership. He was a member for eight years, four of which in the role of chair. The NWO Central Works Council elections 2019 have taken place, and at the start of May, he will pass on the baton to his successor. 'Looking back, I am most proud of the realisation of a single set of Implementation Regulations (IR) for the entire organisation. That was not all plain sailing.'

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Dutch National Research Agenda launches Expedition NEXT - the National Science Festival

Date 02-05-2019

Come to Expedition NEXT at the Maassilo in Rotterdam on Thursday 2 May during the May holidays. An event for children and adults full of...

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Welcome at Meet-Up@ARCNL

Date 08-05-2019

On 8 May 2019, ARCNL opens its doors for students looking for master's internships and PhD positions. ARCNL offers challenging positions in a...

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NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO, is an independent foundation belonging to NWO. The following nine institutes are part of NWO-I: AMOLF, ARCNL, ASTRON, CWI, DIFFER, Nikhef, NIOZ, NSCR and SRON. The 200-plus workgroups in which physics research takes place at Dutch universities and knowledge institutes are also part of NWO-I.


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