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The code of conduct is in place, now we need awareness about scientific integrity

NSCR interim director Peter van der Laan about honest scientific behaviour

In the coming period, NWO-I will devote extra attention to scientific integrity. Research should be conducted as honestly, scrupulously, and responsibly as possible. Science owes that to society. Therefore, this subject should receive the regular attention of the institutes, states Peter van der Laan, interim director of NWO Institute NCSR.

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NWO-I kicked off with a webinar about scientific integrity

On 17 May 2021, NWO-I organised an interactive webinar in which professor Ralph Wijers (Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam) explained why scientific integrity is an important subject and how this can affect researchers. About ninety colleagues from the nine NWO Institutes took part and posed questions about issues such as the practice of publishing and the “copying” of ideas from other scientists. There will be a follow-up to this webinar in the form of tailored, interactive meetings at each NWO Institute.

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NWO celebrates... Eid al-Fitr

About 2600 people work at NWO and NWO-I, and each person has a different background. So, the time has come to discover which (festive) days our colleagues celebrate. Hanukkah, Easter, Ramadan, Coming Out Day or Diwali? What makes this day special for them? In future editions of Inside NWO-I, we will explain the special meaning of these days and interview an NWO or NWO-I colleague about it. Nokta Karaoglan, who works for the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA, starts the series. She talks about Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, which was celebrated on 13 May. Do you have a suggestion for a special (festive) day for this section, “NWO celebrates…”, and are you also willing to be interviewed? Then let us know!

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Highlight Nikhef: renovation of building has started

Credits: JHK Architects/Nikhef

Anyone arriving at NWO Institute Nikhef on the Amsterdam Science Park cannot miss that construction work has started. On Monday 31 May 2021 part of the Nikhef building was handed over to construction team partner Strukton. This marked the official start of the renovation, which is expected to take two years. The various parts of the building will be renovated in different phases. A brand new meeting centre will be built at the location of the current courtyard, and a new entrance on the other side of the building will appear. Facilities will be completely renovated to current standards. With that Nikhef creates a building that matches the pioneering research in subatomic physics taking place there, in terms of installations, appearance and functionality.

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Watch it again: Marcel Levi guest on College Tour

In the May edition of Inside NWO-I, you could read the introductory interview with the new president of NWO, Marcel Levi. On 18 May, Marcel was a guest on the Dutch TV programme College Tour. There he talked, amongst other things, about his time as a hospital director in London, his views on the Dutch coronavirus policy and how he thinks scientists should communicate about the pandemic. Click on the link below to watch the episode (in Dutch).

Credits: KRO-NCRV, Photo: Roy Borghouts
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MJ Pueschel leads new Plasma Micro-Turbulence Group at DIFFER

In September 2020, MJ Pueschel started his new research group at NWO Institute DIFFER in Eindhoven. The staunch idealist brings unique theoretical expertise to DIFFER. Only twice MJ (‘everyone in science just calls me Em Jay’) Pueschel has set foot in the lobby of DIFFER since he started his position in September. But no matter, as a theoretical plasma physicist he does not need to actually be in the lab. And besides, MJ has been teleworking from home since 2016, so he is used to it.

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News from the NWO Central Works Council

In this newsletter, an update from the NWO Central Works Council (COR NWO). As you could read earlier, the transfer to the new COR NWO has been postponed until July of this year (instead of May). The postponement was a consequence of the network hack at NWO-D. In the new COR NWO (and Group Works Council: GOR), employees from the university workgroups (BUW) will unfortunately not be represented, as no candidates put themselves forward. However, there will be a permanent COR contact person for the BUW. Recently COR NWO got together and NWO chair Marcel Levi attended the meeting.

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About NWO-I

NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO, is an independent foundation belonging to NWO. The following nine institutes are part of NWO-I: AMOLF, ARCNL, ASTRON, CWI, DIFFER, Nikhef, NIOZ, NSCR and SRON. The 200-plus workgroups in which physics research takes place at Dutch universities and knowledge institutes are also part of NWO-I.


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