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June 25th 2019

* Last update: april 2017 *

General explanation
NWO-I People is a portal for NWO-I employees. As an employee (or former employee) you can use the portal to simply arrange your personnel matters digitally.

For more detailed information about a certain function (such as AVOM) you can find a link on the NWO-I People pages to the relevant information on the NWO-I website. Alternatively, you can of course pose questions about personnel matters to your personnel department.

Software requirements
NWO-I People is suitable for the following browsers and operating systems:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher on Windows;
  • Firefox 3 or higher on Windows, Mac OS.X and Linux;
  • Chrome 4 or higher on Windows, Mac OS.X and Linux;
  • Opera 10 or higher on Windows, Mac OS.X and Linux;
  • Safari 4 or higher on Mac OS.X

If you experience technical problems with the portal then please send an email to nwoi-people@nwo.nl. In this you should state the browser version and operating system you use and provide a clear description of the problem.

Screen navigation
The menu bar with the various functions of NWO-I People can be found immediately under the logo at the top of the screen. At the top right of the screen, you will find several general functions such as My Account (for changing the user name or password), Help and a language button to switch between Dutch and English. The option to log out is also given on this menu bar.

Filling in a form
After you have clicked one of the options on the menu bar you will enter a screen that requests various details from you. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the description. You must enter something here. To keep the forms user friendly, no extra checks have been incorporated that limit your possibilities to enter details. If you cannot provide certain details in a form (or if you still have a specific question or request about your application, for example) then a comments field is available for this purpose on each form. After you have completed the form click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen. Check the details you have entered on the confirmation screen and, if all of the details are correct, click ‘Send’. If you still want to change something then click 'Back. Please note the form will only be sent once you have clicked 'Send'.

Processing of form
The form will be processed by your Personnel Department. Should they have any queries about your form, then they will contact you via your preferred email address, which you can change under 'My Account'. Please note that forms submitted by you are never automatically processed without checking. There is always a person who processes the forms.

Viewing previously completed forms
Forms that you have previously completed or sent can be found under 'Submitted forms' on the menu bar. Here you will find all of the completed forms sent via the portal the last five years.

Viewing salary slips or end of year statements
If you click 'Salary Information' on the menu bar then you will be given an overview of the most recent salary slips and end of year statements. By clicking the 'magnifying glass' next to the period you are interested in you will directly open the salary slip/end of year statement as a PDF document. This can then be printed or saved.

You can also search for an older salary slip or end of year statement by entering at least the year, and if needs be the month, in the search screen on this page. You will then be given an overview of the salary slips/end of year statements found.

Salary slips and end of year statements will remain available in NWO-I People until at least five years after your employment contract has ended. For older salary slips or end of year statements, please contact us via nwoi-people@nwo.nl.

Forgotten your user name or password?
If you have forgotten your password then on the log-in screen click the function 'Forgotten password'. There you will need to enter your user name. NWO-I People will then send a link to your preferred email address. Via this link you can enter a new password.

If you have forgotten your user name, then you need to contact us via nwoi-people@nwo.nl. In your email state your full name, date of birth and location where you work. We will send you your user name by post within several working days. 

Changing your user name or password
You can change your user name or password using the function 'My Account' at the top right of the screen.

Changing your preferred email address
Within NWO-I People you can indicate which emails from the application you would like to receive at your work or private email address (if this is known to us). You can do this by clicking 'My Account' at the top right of the screen. If your email address is incorrect or is not known to us, then you can inform us of your correct email address via 'Personal details' on the menu bar. This change will be processed in the system within several working days. Then you can select this new email address as the preferred address via 'My Account'. 

Do you still have an unanswered question?
Then send your question by email to nwoi-people@nwo.nl. Any suggestions for improvements can also be sent to this email address.