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February 21st 2019

With this call for proposals, NWO promotes public-private partnership on scientifically innovative subjects in the area of converting solar energy.

The focus of this programme is on the direct or indirect storage of solar energy by converting carbon dioxide and water in chemical bonds. From the global perspective the ultimate target of this programme is a transformation to an economy driven by mainly solar energy in which material cycles are closed.

Who can apply?
Academic researchers on behalf of a consortium of companies (including SME's) and researchers appointed at a Dutch university or at a research institute recognised by NWO.

What to apply for?
The maximal funding (including project management) that can be requested per project ranges between 750 thousand euro (10% cash matching) and 900 thousand euro (25% cash matching). NWO pays 75% - 90% of the total cash project costs and the participating company or companies 10% - 25% cash. The NWO funding per project can never exceed 675 thousand euro.

When to apply?
Submit application from 23 November, 12.00 hours CET
Between 13 and 23 November 2015, NWO is migrating to the new online application and reporting system, ISAAC. Therefore, you cannot submit an application for this funding instrument before 23 November, 12.00 hours CET. More information in the pdf 'Call for proposals'. The closing date for the submission of proposals is 26 January 2016, 14.00 hours (CET).

Assessment criteria
Applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Fit to the scope of this call for proposals.
  2. Scientific quality.
  3. Quality of the consortium.
  4. Innovation potential and knowledge utilisation.
  5. Programmatic criteria.

Procedural steps summarized:

  1. NWO sends the eligible applications to international experts for comments.
  2. Applicants submit their rebuttal in writing.
  3. An international committee ranks the proposals (based on proposals, referee reports and rebuttals).
  4. The NWO steering committee decides which applications to fund and which applications to reject.

More information
For further information please contact Drs. Jacqueline Mout.
See also the website from NWO