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November 17th 2017

To facilitate the management of developments in Dutch physics, FOM's Executive Board has at the time divided the sphere of activities within physics research in the NWO Domain Science into eight research fields. A research field is sometimes referred to as a subfield. The eight research fields are:

  • Subatomic physics
  • Nanophysics/-technology
  • Condensed matter and optical physics
  • Physics of life processes
  • Fusion physics
  • Phenomenological physics
  • Other physics
  • Spearhead fundamental energy research

In addition to these, fundamental energy research is a new research field that will be further expanded.

Advisory committees
By the end of 2013 four advisory committees have updated the focus memorandum or future perspectives for their subfield. Within these subfields the NWO Domain Science (physics) mainly wants to invest in the research lines described in these documents. The subfields concerned are Phenomenological physics, Physics of life processes, Nanophysics/-technology and Condensed matter & optical physics. The focus memoranda have been updated for the research field of Subatomic physics and Fusion physics in the beginning of 2014 by FOM.

The NWO Domain Science (physics) runs several programmes in each research field.

Further information about each of these research fields can be found on the pages of the relevant research field. Further information about the programmes can be found under Research programmes.