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November 17th 2017

* Call is closed at the moment *

About the NWO Physics Vrije programma's
In an 'NWO Physics Vrij programma' (formerly Vrije FOM-programma's) the specialists from various Dutch knowledge institutes consolidate their strengths in specific areas. The research groups work in areas that Dutch physics excels in at an international level and for which there is a clear scientific and societal interest. The new research programmes must lead to a real understanding of recently discovered phenomena and in some cases also provide perspectives for new technologies. With this programme NWO is trying to achieve two objectives: physics research of the highest possible quality in the Netherlands plus a focus on scientific subjects and the consolidation of research activities. With the NWO Physics Vrije programma's NWO also realises strategic research policy via its subareas.

The NWO Physics Vrije programma's arise on the basis of ideas from researchers, who can develop and submit a proposal. All programme proposals are in competition with each other. The programmes should have a clear objective, focus, cohesion and added value (compared to separate small-scale projects). Of course, the scientific quality must be convincing as well.

Call for proposals
The Call for Proposals for the NWO Physics Vrije programma's is closed at the moment. On this webpage you can find all the documents that belonged to a previous call. It contains, for example, guidelines for submission of proposals and information about the rules and general approach of the assessment and selection procedure, available at the top right of this page.

A focus memorandum has been written for each of the six subareas in physics that the NWO Domain Science distinguishes (they have been written by FOM at the time and will stay in use) . These memoranda serve as sources of inspiration for thinking about new programmes. However NWO will not automatically reject proposals for new programmes that do not fall within the focus areas stated. At the top of this webpage you can download the most recent focus memoranda.