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June 19th 2018

* Call closed *

Applications have to connect to one or more of the energy-related themes within the top sectors Energy ('Gas', 'Bio-energie', 'Wind-op-zee', 'Smart grids', 'Zonne-energie', 'Energiebesparing Gebouwde Omgeving', and 'Energiebesparing in de Industrie') and Chemistry ('Nieuwe Chemische Innovaties' and 'Smart polymeric materials' and 'Procestechologie'). The topics for the call should include computational geoscience, wind and solar energy, multiphase flows, computational chemistry and material sciences for energy research.

The total budget available for this call is M€ 3.6, consisting of two parts: an in cash contribution from the CSER programme for the employment of PhD students and material support, and an in-kind contribution in the form of highly skilled eScience Research Engineers, who are allocated to the awarded projects. Out of the call, a maximum of eight PhD projects for four years can be funded by the end of 2017.

Call for proposals
Permanent staff at Dutch universities and academic institutes are invited to submit research proposals for the PhD projects. This call for proposals is not only aimed to the participants in the CSER programme, but rather to the broad community of computational scientists performing energy research. Each project consists of a PhD position and eScience Engineer support (two FTE per four years, and an additional 0.5 FTE per four years reserved for the development of sustainable software, tools and methodologies). The PhD student will be employed by the university the applicant is affiliated to.

The call has two phases: a preproposal phase and a full proposal phase.

  • Deadline submission preproposals: 30 May 2017, 14.00 hours CET.
  • Deadline submission proposals: 31 August 2017, 14.00 hours CET

The applications can be submitted by using the ISAAC web application. On the ISAAC information page you will find more information.

The figure below shows the steps in the selection procedure and the deadlines.

About CSER
The Computational Sciences for Energy Research (CSER) programme is a joint large-scale public-private partnership in fundamental research in the energy domain between Shell and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The goal of the programme is to strengthen the computational sciences in the Netherlands and to contribute to solutions for societal issues such as the Energy Challenge, as described by the Top Sector Energy. The programme started in 2012 and a strong relationship between the partners is now established. For more information, please see: CSER programme website.

About eScience Center
The Netherlands eScience Center is the national hub for the development and application of domain overarching software and methods for the scientific community. The eScience Center develops crucial bridges between increasingly complex modern e-infrastructures and the growing demands and ambitions of scientists from across all scientific disciplines. The application of digitally enhanced scientific practices is nowadays a fundamental toolbox for all researchers. It is a prerequisite to ensure that the Dutch knowledge sector remains competitive and that the biggest return can be achieved from scientific investments. In support of this goal, the eScience Center funds and participates in multidisciplinary projects with optimal data-handling, efficient computing and big-data analytics at their core. For more information about the eScience center please see: www.esciencecenter.nl.

For more information about the call, please contact Maria Sovago or +31 30 600 13 68.

 A detailed description of the call can be downloaded in the right hand cormer.