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November 17th 2017

About 65 percent of all research in physics within the NWO Domain Science is carried out within research programmes. These are divided into two categories. The first and largest category contains the so-called Vrije FOM Programma's. To facilitate the management of developments in Dutch physics, the Board of the NWO Domain Science has divided FOM's sphere of activities within physics research into seven subfields. Each subsfield contains several programmes. The second category is formed by the NWO Physics Industrial Partnership Programmes. The NWO Domain Science realises these programmes for fundamental strategic research in collaboration with companies and large technology institutes

The Executive Board approves the programmes. Each approved programme has a fact sheet on which the scientific problem/objective, duration and budget awarded are recorded. The Executive Board can also award a provisional status to a programme. The Board is positive about such programmes but has yet to take a decision about them: for example, an international ex-ante evaluation might still have to be carried out. The provisional programmes also have a fact sheet but the financial details and the like are very tentative. An NWO programme in physics is usually managed by a programme leader. The Executive Board appoints this person upon approving the programme. The programme leader’s role and position are described in the document at the top of this page (the FOM document is leading).

The fact sheets and further information about each of the programmes can be found under the buttons 'NWO Physics Industrial Partnership Programmes', 'NWO Physics Vrije programma's' and 'NWO physics focusgroups'.