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June 23rd 2017

Right from the outset, most of the fundamental research within the NWO Domain Science (physics) has purely been concluded on the basis of intrinsic scientific motives, in other words intellectual curiosity. NWO finds it is important that researchers are encouraged to think how they want to make the knowledge acquired available to society. The NWO Domain Science (physics) deploys the following instruments to this end: 

FOM Valorisation Memorandum
In May 2008, NWO (formerly FOM) published a memorandum entitled 'Fundamental research for society', Valorisation at FOM. In this FOM described at the time what it will do over the next few years to ensure, wherever possible, that its fundamental research is made more useful for society. Besides the key objective of being 'top 5 in the world in terms of research quality' NWO now has a second objective: valorisation.

The memorandum describes five focus areas:
1. programming of a research agenda relevant to society
2. collaborating with industry
3. encouraging entrepreneurship
4. working towards a complete change of culture in the organisation
5. protecting and capitalising knowledge

The full version of the memorandum is only available in Dutch.

You can also contact Jeroen van Houwelingen, telephone +31 30 600 12 17.