On this page we would like to show you the projects NWO-I is working on.

Open Access

NWO-I is committed to 100 percent Open Access. Therefore, NWO-I wants all publications written (in part) by employees of NWO-I to be directly Open Access at the time of publication. NWO-I accepts different routes to Open Access. 

Committee recognition & rewards

 Recognition & Rewards is a national movement to achieve a more modernized and balanced academic system. The goal is to change the culture in academia within the Netherlands, and worldwide, to recognize and reward all tasks of our employees.

NWO-I Digital Competence Center

NWO-I DCC is the Digital Competence Center for all NWO-I institutes. We give advise and practical support to researchers, data stewards and software engineers of the NWO Institutes to publish their results, data and research software in an open and sustainable way.

Confidental Infomation