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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Promoting scientific research and increasing scientific and societal impact, in short the success of NWO-I, depends on the commitment, quality, enthusiasm and diversity of our employees. We strive for a working environment where there is room for differences, where everyone can be themselves and feel safe and valued.

The theme of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been high on the NWO agenda for many years. We take a positive approach, focusing on the added value of diversity, inclusion and equality. To achieve our ambitions, we take an integrated approach and work at the cultural, institutional and individual level. The ultimate goal is to achieve a sustainable embedding of diversity, equity and inclusion within NWO-I.  The NWO-I DEI Taskforce is currently updating the DEI implementation plan for the coming years.


NWO-I is working on diversity, equity and inclusion at NWO-I-wide level and per institute.

DEI teams

Each institute and the NWO-I office have a 'local' DEI team with its own name. These teams work within their institute to build and sustain an inclusive community. They choose their own priorities and working methods. These institute-based teams choose their own priorities and working methods. For example, they organise local activities in the field of DEI, promote awareness of the theme, and/or look for ways to contribute to a socially safe working environment. More information about the work of your DEI team can be found on the intranet of your institute.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary NWO/NWO-I employee networks, which are organised around different themes. ERGs provide a place where historically underrepresented groups can meet. Such networks provide support, create awareness and promote DEI policy through education and by involving allies. NWO/NWO-I has the following ERGs: 

These ERGs regularly organise NWO-I wide meetings. Keep an eye on this webpage for updates. 

DEI at NWO-I level

At central NWO-I level, work is also underway to firmly embed DEI in the organisation.

  • There is a DEI Taskforce that sets out the DEI policy and adjusts it annually, and gathers input for this from the DEI teams and ERGs.
  • NWO-I has a DEI project leader, who works closely with the DEI project leader at NWO-D.



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