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Do you want to learn more about open and reproducible research? The DCC can help you. We offer free workshops covering basic skills such as data curation, management and visualisation or reproducible coding. We also provide an overview of courses on advanced topics and professional development of data stewards and software engineers offered by others. Many of those courses are free of charge.

Internal workshops

We offer demand driven workshops on open and reproducible data and software management. Think about workshops on basic skills such as Unix, Git, (Python/R) programming, data cleaning and visualization.

To organise these workshops we joined The Carpentries; in this article in Inside NWO-I you can read more about our motivations. Find out more about those workshops and how you can express your interest on the specific page about the Carpentries workshops.

Planned workshops

  • On March 11 and 13, 2024 NWO-I DCC is organising a Software Carpentry workshop. This is a two day hands-on workshop teaching foundational coding skills focusing on reproducible and efficient workflows with Shell, Git and Python. The workshop consist of 3 lessons, but you can also participate in only one or two of the lessons. Participation is free for all NWO-I employees. Please take a look at the workshop website for more details.

Advanced digital skills

Professional development courses

Confidental Infomation