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Knowledge safety

Knowledge safety at NWO-I: Open if possible and protected if necessary

NWO-I possesses important scientific knowledge and information that its employees should deal with carefully. Special guidelines apply to the protection of the 'crown jewels' - knowledge that has a distinct value.These guidelines can be found on the institutes' intranet. What are those guidelines and how do they impact the work of a researcher? In the May 2023 edition of Inside NWO-I,  Miriam Roelofs, coordinator Knowledge safety, tells us more about this.


Every institute has a contact person for knowledge safety. Check your institute's intranet for their contact details. 

Team knowledge safety NWO-I

Modules Awareways

In the context of increasing awareness among all employees with regard to knowledge safety, among other things, and to ensure that awareness also leads to permanent behavioural change, the company Awareways has set up several modules for NWO in which you can test and increase your knowledge. These modules will be published shortly.

Confidental Infomation