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Knowledge base

In this knowledge base, you can find several documents and other sources that provide background information on knowledge security.


Contact Point for Knowledge Security: What is knowledge security? 

The Contact Point for Knowledge Security is a service provided by several Dutch ministries. It is an information point on research/knowledge security. You can send specific requests for information to the Contact Point via the Knowledge Security Coordinator at NWO-I.


National Knowledge Security Guidelines

The Dutch government produced this report in collaboration with Dutch knowledge institutions. It outlines a view on knowledge security as well as the responsibility of knowledge institutions. It also contains guidelines on policies and measures for knowledge institutions to implement.


Threat Assessment State-sponsored Actors 2 (TASA 2) 

The Dutch intelligence and security services jointly published this report on foreign interference by several countries, including threats such as espionage and the theft of knowledge and technology.


Tackling R&I foreign interference

In this report, the European Commission describes the threats of foreign interference in research and innovation and lists possible mitigation measures to prevent and address it.


Advice: Knowledge in Conflict: Striking a Balance between Security and Liberty

In this advisory Report, the Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) addresses the question: “How can the Netherlands best deal with the risks associated with international collaboration in building knowledge at Dutch knowledge institutes, including in higher education?”

Confidental Infomation