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Governance NWO-I

The board of Stichting NWO-I is responsible for the operation of the NWO-I Institutes. The NWO executive board - that forms a personal union with the board of the stichting NWO-I - is responsible for the integral strategy, mission and programming of the NWO Institutes.

Members of the board of Stichting NWO-I/NWO executive board:

  • Prof.dr. Stan Gielen – president, portfolio holder ARCNL and DIFFER
  • Drs. Caroline Visser – vice president, portfolio holder Operations and Finances and portfolio holder SRON
  • Prof.dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo, chair Domain Science, portfolio holder AMOLF, Nikhef, NIOZ and CWI
  • Margot Weijnen – chair Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences, portfolio holder ASTRON and SRON
  • Prof.dr. Jeroen Geurts – chair Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development

Interim Director of Operations NWO-I office: