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November 17th 2019

Sjoerd Wouda (AMOLF)

Where do you work within NWO?
I am a Senior Software Engineer at AMOLF and I chair the NWO Central Works Council.

Why are you a COR member, what is your motivation?
I have around ten years’ experience within employee representation in AMOLF, FOM and NWO. If you have good employee representation, directors are able to make better decisions, both for the staff and for the organisation. I am therefore committed to building an effective, critical NWO COR within our new NWO. I believe it’s important we are able to work in an organisation where we can feel at home and in which we can develop. Honesty is crucial to me in this respect. For me, this also means that our employers shouldn’t work to our detriment. I see this reflected in the NWO COR priorities.

What do you want to achieve in this term of office?
NWO COR has set itself five priorities that we want to tackle actively. They are the yardstick we use to measure developments within the organisation. We want to make NWO a healthy organisation where everyone is happy to work. NWO COR is there for us as employees of NWO-D and NWO-I. So let us know if there’s anything we can do.


Robbert Bloem (ARCNL)

Where do you work within NWO?
I am a postdoc at ARCNL. My research focuses on the question of what 13.5 nanometre light (also called extreme UV or EUV) does to molecules. EUV light has a much shorter wavelength than visible light. Fundamental research into EUV has become relevant now that ASML wants to use it to design more powerful computer chips. Partly for that reason, ASML took the initiative of setting up a research centre, i.e. ARCNL. My day-to-day work is a nice mix of fundamental research, practical application and advanced technology.

Why are you a COR member, what’s your motivation?
Haha, I just like to involve myself in everything. I often see things going on around me and think “that could be done so much better without much effort”, but then no-one does anything about it. So I try to take action. The topics in the NWO COR are of course fairly abstract and there are a lot of parties involved. “Without much effort” doesn’t really apply here so much. But here I also find it interesting to have a better understanding of what is going on and I hope to make a positive contribution. It’s probably the chemist in me: wanting to understand how something works and then making it better. Ideally without things exploding.

What do you want to achieve in this term of office?
The new NWO has only existed for a short time and is still clearly finding its way. One of the main challenges is to really create a single NWO.

For example, the provision of information to employees is still unequal unfortunately. People often think that a newsletter posted on the intranet (JOOST) reaches all NWO employees, but that’s not the case. The information on JOOST is addressed specifically to NWO staff in Utrecht and The Hague. Institute staff can read it, but they can’t post content actively or respond to messages themselves. Sometimes the information isn’t relevant to institute staff. For that reason, JOOST is rarely or never read in the institutes. NWO-I employees in the universities have no access to JOOST at all. That’s a missed opportunity for NWO, because it creates inequality.

Another example: why don’t NWO-I employees in the universities receive a Christmas gift? They do not have access to JOOST, otherwise they would see immediately that they’re being excluded here.

The new NWO won’t be “a single NWO” from day one, it’s a process that will take longer than my term of office. Intranet and Christmas gifts are not a goal in themselves, but a kind of indicator of how much the executive Board want to work towards a single NWO. A lot of policy can be put down on paper, but if these kinds of things are not organised properly, the mission to create a single NWO won’t succeed. I don’t believe that anyone, especially the employees, is waiting for this kind of situation of inequality between employees.