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July 24th 2017

The Central Works Council (in Dutch: Centrale Ondernemingsraad, COR) represents all employees in discussions with the management. The works council advises the management and in some cases has the right to allow/forbid certain policies or plans that affect the position of employees or the organization. Because FOM has become NWO-I as of 1 January 2017, there are changes in the way that the formal (central) employee participation is organized.

In 2017 a new (preliminary) COR NWO started. All organisational NWO-parts have a seat in the council. Elections were organized in May 2017 and in June a new COR NWO has started. Go to COR-members to see the composition of the COR NWO and the representatives.

The e-mail address of the new COR NWO is cor@nwo.nl.
In 2017 the COR meets every two weeks and every four weeks there is a meeting together with the management. Meeting dates are listed under 'More Information'.

COR news

  • [15 June 2017] Advice legal merger institutes with NWO-I
    On 13 June the COR sent an advice to the NWO Governing Board on the legal merger of the Institutes ASTRON, SRON, NSCR, CWI and NIOZ with NWO-I. The COR believes that the formation of one foundation may have added value to all parties. The COR thinks there are explicit opportunities in a central coordinating and facilitating role of the NWO-I Bureau in the field of education for PhD students. This can lead to quality enhancement and cost reduction. The COR recommends that - before all Implementation Regulations are harmonized - arrangements are made for the significant salary components in the CWI-Regulations. The COR also recommends to make sure that promised and earmarked funds stay available for the designated purposes.

  • [15 May 2017] Advice on the expansion of NWO-I
    The COR and other works council recieved a request to give advice on the legal merger of SRON, ASTRON, CWI, NIOZ and NSCR with NWO-I. The COR was also asked to give advice on the organisational changes that are the result of the merger. The COR has set up a temporary committee to discuss the opinions with the other councils and to formulate – if possible – the advices ans opinions in the same words.

  • [15 May 2017] Courses for PhD students
    Especially for PhD students, NWO-I has (yet) a high-quality course offering in the field of career orientation and personal development. The COR thinks it is important that this remains the case. The training of researchers, especially PhD students, is an important function of NWO-I. The COR believes that for all PhD students in NWO-I the same training conditions should apply. The COR will discuss this issue soon with the Governing Board.

  • [19 April 2017] And the winners are ...
    The solution of the COR FOM 2016 Annual Report puzzle was PARTY, a reference of course to the great FOM70-party in 2016. The winners are Julius de Hond (UvA) and Ayush Narsaria (VU). They have both received a  bol.com giftcard. All other contestants have received a consolation prize: a pair of FOM socks.

  • [19 April 2017] New regulations on your expenses and facilities
    The Implementation Regulations encompass regulations and procedures for travel expenses, business trips, study facilities, et cetera. Within the new NWO there will eventually be one set of Implementation Regulations, that will apply to all employees. The intention is to make new Implementation Regulations this autumn, instead if the current regulations of NWO, NWO-I (FOM), CWI and NIOZ. This is being negotiated with the COR NWO. The COR NWO has to approve of the new Implementation Regulations.
  • [19 April 2017] Advice on investment NWO for new housing SRON
    The intention of NWO is to move the institute SRON from Utrecht to Sciencepark Amsterdam. To realise new housing for SRON, NWO intends to become one of the shareholders of a new to-be-build High Tech Instrumentation Facility (High TIF), together with the VU and UvA. The NWO Governing Board has asked the COR to give advice on the investment for the new housing of SRON. The COR was informed about the financial risks and informed the Governing Board that the COR has no objections.

Click here for the news archive of the COR.
If you wish to learn more about the activities of the Works Councils, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local representative or our administrative secretary.