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October 17th 2019

The Central Works Council (COR) keeps you informed about the latest developments via this website. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact your representative on the COR. Contact details can be found on the COR members page. Employees from NWO-I can also subscribe to the COR mailing via cor@nwo.nl; you will then automatically receive the agendas of the COR and consultation meetings and the approved reports.

News from the COR


  • [17 April 2018] See the NWO Central Works Council film and download the annual review 2017!
    What did the NWO Central Works Council do in 2017? It gave advice about mergers, remunerations, training courses and working safely. Read more about this in the annual review (download from top tight of this page), which this time has a Q &A format. And watch the new NWO Central Works Council filmin which the council introduces itself.  The Central Works Council does more than you possibly realise ...
  • [5 April 2018]The COR NWO Annual Review 2017 is available now. The document can be downloaden on this webpage.
  • [11 January 2018]Everyone the same Implementation Regulations
    Since 1 January 2018, all employees of NWO-D and NWO-I have the same reimbursements and other benefits. The Implementation Regulations of NWO, NWO-I, CWI and NIOZ have been harmonized into one new set of Implementation regulations. The COR considers this an important step in the transition to a new NWO. In the autumn of 2017, a COR-delegation negotiated with a delegation of the employers. At the end of December, the COR approved the negotiation result. In the new NWO-UVR, most colleagues benefit. The COR has been able to agree on a good transitional arrangement for colleagues who will financially deteriorate. Individual negative financial consequences are gradually reduced over a period of eight years.
  • [11 January 2018]Priorities COR NWO 2018
    In 2018 the COR will focus on the following five priorities:

    1. Towards a healthy workload.
    2. Perspective for personnel.
    3. An eye on privacy.
    4. Safety first.
    5. One NWO, one intranet.


  • [7 December 2017] Institutes’ merger with effect from 1 January 2018
    The Central Works Council (COR NWO) is following the merger developments closely. ASTRON, CWI, NIOZ, NSCR and SRON will merge with NWO-I with effect from 1 January 2018. 
    COR NWO has repeatedly insisted on clear information for the staff of these institutes. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has now been drawn up and made available on the website nwo-i.nl.
  • [7 December 2017]Leadership programme: good idea, but must be evaluated 
    In October, COR NWO approved a training programme for managers throughout NWO. The programme is intended to contribute to a common leadership style and the creation of a shared new NWO culture (a single NWO). COR NWO considers this a good idea. Following questions from COR NWO, the executive board has promised to evaluate the programme after a year. COR NWO has recommended that the objectives be formulated in a clear and measurable manner. It would also like NWO-I to contribute sufficiently to the creation of a new NWO culture.
  • [7 December 2017] Harmonisation of Implementation Regulations (IR): work in progress
    COR NWO is discussing proposals for a single new set of implementation regulations (IR) with the employers. The IR regulates matters such as travel expenses for commuting, business travel and thesis printing costs, as well as grievance procedures. There are currently four sets of regulations (NWO, NWO-I, NIOZ and CWI). In view of the merger, these will be merged into a single NWO set. This is a complex puzzle, but the discussions have been constructive. COR NWO will be asked to approve the new IR.
  • [3 August 2017] Advice COR organizational adjustment NWO-I
    At the end of July, the COR delivered an opinion on the organization adjustment of NWO-I, due to the legal merger of ASTRON, SRON, NSCR, CWI and NIOZ with NWO-I. The COR has concluded that the impact on employee service tasks is low and has no objection to the adjustments. However, the COR has expressed concern about the increasing workload for employees and recommends measures. The COR has also advised to communicate with employees in an early stage about changes and support.
  • [15 June 2017] Advice legal merger institutes with NWO-I
    On 13 June the COR sent an advice to the NWO Governing Board on the legal merger of the Institutes ASTRON, SRON, NSCR, CWI and NIOZ with NWO-I. The COR believes that the formation of one foundation may have added value to all parties. The COR thinks there are explicit opportunities in a central coordinating and facilitating role of the NWO-I Bureau in the field of education for PhD students. This can lead to quality enhancement and cost reduction. The COR recommends that - before all Implementation Regulations are harmonized - arrangements are made for the significant salary components in the CWI-Regulations. The COR also recommends to make sure that promised and earmarked funds stay available for the designated purposes.
  • [19 April 2017] Advice on changes in NWO-I
    On 1 January 2018 the institutes SRON, ASTRON, NSCR, CWI and NIOZ will merge with NWO-I. The COR NWO and al the involved local councils will soon be asked to give advice on the expansion and the changes.
  • [21 March 2017] Wanted: COR NWO members!
    For the NWO-emplyees in the university groups there are two seats available in the Central Works Council (COR) of NWO. Elections for these two seats will be held on 16 May 2017 for the legislative period COR NWO 2017-2019. We are looking for two members and one substitute member! Do  you want to represent your NWO-I colleagues at universities in the COR NWO? Register as a candidate  by sending an e-mail to cor@nwo.nl, before 24 April 2017. Note: the language in the COR NWO is Dutch. If we have enough candidates there will be elections. All employees who are entitled tot vote will recieve instructions on how to vote. You can vote for your favourite candidate by means of e-voting, between 9 and 16 May.
  • [28 February 2017] Read the COR FOM 2016 Annual report!
    The COR FOM Annual Report 2016 is ready and can be found on this page under More Information.
    Read all about the activities and achievements of the COR FOM in 2016 –we had quite a lot of results.
  • [28 February 2017] New daily management COR NWO
    The COR NWO has chosen a new daily management. Chair is Casper Rutjes, NWO-I-PhD at CWI. Sjoerd Wouda (AMOLF) is secretary and Astrid Hajema-van Esch (OR NWO) is vice-chair. Together with professional secretary Ineke van der Vegt they are responsible for the daily management of the COR NWO.
  • [28 February 2017] Advice works councils on Metis
    The advice of COR NWO, COR FOM, OR NIOZ and OR CWI on the transition NWO, and also the reaction of the NWO-Governing Board, can be found on Metis (intranet NWO) or you can ask your local works council. NWO-I-employees in the university groups can ask for these documents by sending an e-mail to cor@nwo.nl
  • [19 January 2017] First meeting of the New NWO Central Works Council
    The new NWO Central Works Council (COR NWO) had its first meeting on 19 January. The COR discussed the reaction of the NWO-governing board on the advice that was given in December 2016 on key-officers and the organisational design. The COR also made a list of important issues in 2017.
  • [19 January 2017] Elections for the NWO-I-employees in university groups: 16 May 2017!
    On 16 May 2017 elections are being held for NWO's Central Works Council (in Dutch: COR). This election is for the NWO-I-employees who work at one the university groups. As a COR member, you discuss personnel matters and organizational policies of NWO. We are looking for 2 candidates for the term 2017-2019.  Important to know is that the language in the COR is Dutch, so you have to be able to read Dutch and understand discussions in Dutch. Are you interested in learning more about the NWO-organization and in representing the interests of your fellow colleagues in the COR? Contact one of the COR-members and ask them what it takes (and why you should put yourself forward as a candidate)!
  • [5 January 2017] COR FOM advises concerning transition NWO
    In December the COR FOM has given advice on the transition towards NWO.
    On 7 December the COR advised on, amongst others, the concept statutes of the institutes foundation NWO-I, the intended successor of FOM. We advised to include the training of PhD students (one of the key functions of NWO-I) in the statutes. The COR considers it an important function and responsibility of NWO-I to centrally organise trainings for PhD students both on the short and long-term.
    Secondly, on 13 December the COR FOM advised positively concerning the proposal to designate a number of (mostly executive) functions as key-functions within the NWO offices (Utrecht and The Hague). The key-officers are offered an executive management course concentrating on talent development, leadership, culture and the strengthening of mutual connections.
    The third advice, also issued on 13 December, concerned the organisational design (the executive structure) of the Office NWO-I, NWO Domains and Operational Management and the new Office Board of Directors. The COR can agree with the broad outlines, but the plans as yet are not very much developed. For this reason the COR thinks it too early to formally place employees in offices in January 2017. The COR therefore advises to formally place employees when the plans have been more fully developed and the names of executives are known.
    Summarised in the words of the COR chair Joep Peters "As far as we are concerned, all the people that have contributed to the preparation of the transition have done a good job. We hope that with this the transition will be a success not only for physics in the Netherlands but for all academic research."


  • [11 October 2016] Update advise course transition NWO
    The transition course is slightly delayed. The COR FOM expects a lot of advise requests after the third of November: topics concerning appointing key functions, the detailed design of NWO-I and NWO-D, and the regulations and rules of NWO-I. The COR FOM tries to synchronize their advises as much as possible with the works councils from NWO, NIOZ, CWI and ZonMw. A formal advise request concerning the change of FOM to NWO-I has to be placed as well. Currently we are consulting with the director and the transition bureau regarding the transition schedule.
  • [11 October 2016] Successful second away-day works councils
    On 20 September about seventy members of the works councils within the future NWO were gathered at CWI in Amsterdam. A meeting with Stan Gielen, new chairmen of the board of management NWO and Caroline Visser, portfolio holder of business management and finances was held. Explanations were given regarding the process, the points of discussion within the detailed design and the placement procedure. In the afternoon (focus) sessions were held, regarding the NWO-D and NWO-I design, the placement procedure and the new employee participation structure. The also-elsewhere possibility (where employees can partly work at different NWO departments) was discussed as well.
  • [11 October 2016] Extension installment FOM work councils
    The regular elections for all FOM work councils were scheduled in December 2016. In view of the NWO transition all FOM work councils decided to extend their term with a maximum up to half a year. This way, we can collectively look after the interests of the employees to our best extent during the transition. We gave the management, unions and all employees the opportunity to object against this procedure. In the end, we received objections of two employees against an extension of our installment.
  • [30 August 2016] Redundancy Plan transition NWO
    The COR FOM received the concept for the Redundancy Plan for the transition NWO (stake of employers). This Redundancy Plan will be made between employers and unions and contains agreements concerning the personnel consequences. The works councils from NIOZ, CWI, NWO and FOM made a joint reply with additions and suggestions
  • [30 August 2016] Extending legislative period FOM works councils
    In December 2016 elections are scheduled for all FOM works councils. In view of the NWO transition all FOM work councils have the collective intention to extend their current term. This way, the interests of the employees can be served best during this transition. The new structure of the employee participation will become clear in the coming months and elections can only be held in January 2017 at earliest. The intention is to extend the legislative period from the moment that elections are held within the new structure, up to a maximum of six months. All employees have been informed about this personally.
  • [30 August 2016] Awayday works councils FOM, NWO, NIOZ, CWI and ZonMw 20 September 2016
    On September 20 a new 'awayday' is held for all members from all works councils within the new NWO. The CWI in Amsterdam will host the meeting. The program consists of a meeting with Stan Gielen, new president of the Board of Directors NWO, and Caroline Visser, who within the Board of Directors will hold the Portfolio Business Management and Finances. There will be information and discussion on the detailed design and the allocation of employees. The afternoon will consists about (focus) sessions on the design of NWO-D and NWO-I, the allocation of employees and the new employee participation.
  • [30 August 2016] Detailed design NWO and expected advise requests
    The COR received the detailed design about the new NWO, in concept. In the short term we expect an advise request regarding the new management structure. In October an advise request will follow about the design of the new NWO and on institute organization-, management- and internal regulations. All in all a busy fall!
  • [19 July 2016] Approving digital system Working Conditions counseling and Safety (LabServant)
    The COR FOM approved the implementation of a digital system for Working Conditions counseling and Safety. This system is meant for custom fit Working Conditions counseling, combined with a testing module and will be implemented at the FOM institutes and the FOM bureau. FOM is looking into possibilities for university employees to stay well informed about safety regulations.
  • [19 July 2016] Positive advice new member board of direction Business Management and Finances
    The COR FOM has given a positive advice on appointing Caroline Visser as the new Portfolio holder Business Management and Finances (PBF) within the board of direction of NWO. We wish her all the best in this new function!
  • [21 June 2016] New COR member Delft / Rotterdam: Mathia Arens
    Elections were called in Delft and Rotterdam at the end of May. We are happy to announce that Mathia Arens, FOM PhD student at the TUD, has joined the COR in these busy times. For more information click here.
  • [21 June 2016] Advice on chair Board of Directors NWO
    Together with the other works councils of the new NWO, the COR FOM has positively advised on the appointment of Prof. Stan Gielen as chair of the Board of Directors of the new NWO. The COR can relate to the vision formulated by Gielen on the contribution that NWO can offer Dutch research and considers him to be a committed scientist and experienced director. We wish him success in his new job in the coming years.
  • [21 June 2016] Advice on Integral Plan NWO
    In the past two months the COR has extensively consulted with the works councils of NIOZ, CWI, ZonMw and NWO. This has resulted in a number of mutually drawn-up advices on the Integral Plan NWO. The works councils broadly approve of the plan and have offered advice on several subjects such as the further elaboration of the plan. The works councils have further asked to elaborate on the division of responsibilities of the new NWO as quickly as possible and to submit it for advice. The transition office NWO has sent out a message concerning consequences for personnel and, on the work councils' request, an elaborate FAQ has been drafted that can be found on the nieuw.nwo.nl website.
  • [7 June 2016] Approvement Health & Safety Service Plan 2016
    The COR approved the Health & Safety Service Plan 2016. Initially, the COR made a few suggestions to improve the plan. These suggestions were incorporated. The main focus in the Health & Safety policy in 2016 is on finishing current projects, instead of starting new ones. For more information on Health & Safety, please click here.
  • [7 June 2016] Approvement request digital Health & Safety training and examination
    The COR is talking with FOM about the implementation of LabSafety Software to digitally train employees on Health & Safety aspects, as well as allowing for specific instruction on a safe working environment. The LabSafety system will be implemented for employees of the FOM Institutes and the FOM Bureau. The COR is looking into the protection of the privacy of data, and to what should be organized centrally and what locally. The COR also emphasizes that FOM should put efforts in guaranteeing that FOM employees working at universities are also well informed and trained on Health & Safety related issues. Unfortunately, the COR had to conclude that the Health & Safety training for PhD students at some universities is not adequate.
  • [7 June 2016] Graduate Schools and FOM
    Both Graduate Schools at universities and FOM have a specific set of requirements on PhD students. The COR asked FOM to clarify to current and future FOM PhD students which requirements they have to meet and to give information about the agreement that is made between FOM and specific Graduate Schools. FOM will do this by sending an informative letter. Additionally, FOM will send a survey to all FOM PhD's, in order to get a better view of the experiences with Graduate Schools. This can help in making a suited agreement between FOM and Graduate Schools.
  • [24 May 2016] New COR members!
    The COR welcomes Jeroen van Houwelingen as representative of the FOM Bureau Works Council. He is the successor of Victor Land. Additionally, interim elections will be held on 23 June for the University of Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • [24 May 2016] Winner of the Annual Report 2015 Puzzle
    The COR congratulates Simon Streib on winning the FOM Annual Report Price by submitting TEAMWORK as the correct answer for the puzzle. He has received the FOM fun package. The other correct entries received a small consolation prize. We hope you enjoyed reading our Annual Report!
  • [24 May 2016] Advice on the new NWO
    The COR is close to finalizing its advice on the Integral Plan for the NWO Transition. Where possible, we synchronized our vision and advice with the other involved Work Councils from CWI, NWO, NIOZ and ZonMw.
  • [19 April 2016] COR priorities transition sharpened
    The Works Council composed a number of priorities in June, 2015. These priorities include topics the COR regards as important during the transition process and in the formation of the new NWO. The COR uses these priorities to evaluate the plans of the new NWO. Currently, almost a full year has passed and, because we are much further in the transition course, we sharpened our priorities. You can find these new priorities under More information on the top right of your screen.
  • [19 April 2016] Consultation meeting director FOM
    Besides the transition to NWO there are also other topics which keep the COR occupied. In the meeting with Christa Hooijer on 19 April we discussed the approval request for the Safety and Health plan 2016. We also discussed the request to approve the introduction of a digital system for Safety and Health education and training. Furthermore, we discussed how FOM can achieve an even better view upon graduate schools and how FOM can inform her researchers about the rights and obligations they have within a graduate school.
  • [19 April 2016] Busy with transition NWO
    The COR FOM is actively involved in the transition to the new NWO. Early April we received the request for advice regarding the Integral Plan. We try to give an advise together with de Works Councils of NWO, CWI and NIOZ. We expect advice requests regarding the appointment of the chairman for the Board of Directors and the manager of Operational Management and Finances. For the implementation of the Integral Plan in the so-called Detailed Design the transition bureau will be supported by several external parties. Formally, the Works Council has the right for advice on outsourced assignments, but in order to not delay the process we agreed upon an informal advice. Before the external parties will start their activities we will have a meeting with them to inform them about the priorities we have as COR FOM regarding the transition to the new NWO.
  • [17 March 2016] COR Annual Report 2015
    The COR Annual report 2015 is available! Do you want to know what the COR approved of and what we talked about last year? Read the Annual Report (on the right, under More Information)
  • [23 February 2016] Joint Works Councils day on 16 February was a success
    Members of all works councils within the newly to be formed NWO were invited to meet, to get to know each other, to be informed and to give their opinion about the transition. For FOM this included all works council members from the FOM- Office, Nikhef, AMOLF, DIFFER, ARCNL and of course the Central Works Council. Also council members within the NWO organisation, NIOZ, CWI and ZonMw were present.
    Wim van Saarloos gave un update on the transition and together we discussed current developments. It was a very successful day, which will probably get a follow-up.
  • [8 February 2016] Joint awayday works councils FOM, NWO, NIOZ, CWI en ZonMw
    On February 16 all works councils within FOM, NWO, CWI, NIOZ and ZonMw will meet in Baarn to exchange their vision regarding the NWO transition. Wim van Saarloos, programme director transition NWO, will update all work councils in the morning and in the afternoon all council members will discuss relevant topics concerning the transition, such as personal consequences, the institute organisation and business culture.
  • [16 December 2015] Advice transition NWO: profiles Board of Directors and Plan of Action
    Together with the other Work Councils of the Future NWO, the COR gave advice on the functional profile for the new Chairman and the COO-CFO of the prospective Board of Directors of NWO. Additionally, the COR gave an advice to the director of FOM, regarding the Plan of Action for the NWO transition. On request of the director of FOM the COR addressed a number of topcis specifically, such as the formation of an institute organization, the bèta-domain and the organization of formal emplyee participation (Works Councils) in the future NWO.
  • [16 December 2015] Twice as much COR meetings in 2016
    In view of the recent speedy developments regarding the NWO transition the COR has decided to double the frequency of COR meetings in 2016. This ensures a timely consideration about required advise and agreements regarding the transition. Additionally, intensive counsel will be held in 2016 with the Works Councils form NWO, NIOZ, CWI and ZonMW.
  • [16 December 2015] Continuation current AVOM bicycle plan in 2016
    The COR agreed to the AVOM bicycle plan for 2016. The conditions for the coming year will remain the same. This means that the maximal reimbursement for a bicycle within AVOM will be set to € 450.-. The application conditions will remain the same as well (bicycle is used for travel between work and living, participation only allowed once every trhee years).
  • [14 November 2015] Consultation (central) work councils regarding NWO transition
    On November 24 members of the (central) works council FOM, NWO, CWI, NIOZ and a delegation of the works council ZonMw were introduced to each other during a lunch. A delegation of these (central) works councils have already been meeting with van Saarloos, programme director transition NWO and De Groene, general director NWO, on a regular basis. The works councils want to intensify the collaboration the coming year and would like to work together.
  • [20 October 2015] Advice on Action Plan Transition NWO
    The COR spoke to programme director transition NWO Wim van Saarloos and FOM director Christa Hooijer on 20 October. The COR discussed a number of topics regarding the transition.
    FOM asked the COR to give advice on the entire Action Plan and also would like to be advised on a several specific topics, such as the employment guarantee up to 2018, culture changes and future employee participation. FOM promises that all contractual obligations for current FOM PhD's and postdocs remain valid until the end of their employment contract. The COR has an extra meeting on 4 November to discuss parts of the advice regarding the (extensive) Action Plan Transition NWO.
  • [29 September 2015] Elwin Dijck represents Groningen
    Elwin Dijck is chosen as COR member at the COR by-election in Groningen. He will represent all FOM employees in Groningen. Click here for more information
  • [29 September 2015] Advise COR regarding the intention of FOM to integrate in a new NWO organization
    Recently FOM asked the COR for advice regarding the intention of NWO and FOM to transform and integrate FOM in a new NWO organization. The COR understands that the Board of Management chose this direction. At the moment the consequences are not yet clear and tangible plans for the new organization will be formed the coming months. Therefore the COR thinks that, at this stage, it is not desirable that FOM commits to the outcomes of these plans.
    The COR advises FOM to cooperate in designing the new organization to ensure that the best practices of FOM (see Point of Attentions COR) are anchored in the new organization. This way, we ensure a new, coherent and adroit organization in which the FOM values and the FOM culture are recognizable. Regarding the splitting of the organisation, the ending of the FOM Foundation and the integration in the new organization, the COR advises FOM to await making a decision until the point where the plans are more mature and it is completely clear what these plans mean for FOM employees.
  • [1 September 2015] Advice request integration FOM in new NWO
    In July FOM asked the COR for advice regarding the intention of FOM to transform and integrate with a new NWO organization. Although, for now, the COR is benevolent in this transition process, the interests of FOM employees remain our priority. The exact consequences for the FOM employees are unclear for now. The COR is actively gathering information to find out which steps are best to take to protect the interests of FOM employees. Meanwhile, consultations with (central) works councils from NWO, NIOZ and CWI as well as with programme director of the transition, Wim van Saarloos, are ongoing.
  • [1 September 2015] COR approves new health and safety service Eindhoven
    The TU/e has a contract with a new health and safety service. Because FOM, where possible, uses the same service for their researchers as the university does, it is decided that FOM will switch as well. The COR does not expect any negative consequences for FOM employees in Eindhoven and agrees with the transfer.
  • [1 September 2015] COR approves an Alcohol, Drugs and Medication policy
    Last half year the new policy of FOM regarding the use of alcohol, drugs and medication has often been on the agenda of the COR. Elaborate discussions have taken place over the balance between safety at work on the one hand, and sufficient room for festivities and preservation of privacy on the other hand. On 1 September the COR agreed with the fourth version of the policy. We think that this policy gives clear and practicable guidelines.
  • [1 September 2015] Interim COR-elections Groningen
    On 6 October interim COR elections will be held in Groningen. Curious? Email to cor@fom.nl before 22 September. There are also vacancies for FOM employees in Twente and Delft/Rotterdam.
  • [23 June 2015] COR approves Retirement regulations Centraal Beheer 2015
    The COR approved the announced modifications in the Centraal Beheer (CB) Retirement regulations 2015. They apply to employees who were employed by FOM before 1977 and were insured for their pension by CB.
  • [23 June 2015] COR-priorities transition NWO
    During a training on 17 and 18 June the COR discussed the plans for the new NWO organisation, which imply radical changes for the FOM organisation. The COR formulated several priorities. These are subjects that the COR finds important in the transition process and in the realisation of a new NWO. The COR will use these priorities to assess the plans for a new NWO. See attachment 'COR FOM priorities transition NWO'.
  • [23 June 2015] COR approves Retirement regulations Centraal Beheer 2015
    The COR approved the announced modifications in the Centraal Beheer (CB) Retirement regulations 2015. They apply to employees who were employed by FOM before 1977 and were insured for their pension by CB.
  • [23 June 2015] COR-priorities transition NWO
    During a training on 17 and 18 June the COR discussed the plans for the new NWO organisation, which imply radical changes for the FOM organisation. The COR formulated several priorities. These are subjects that the COR finds important in the transition process and in the realisation of a new NWO. The COR will use these priorities to assess the plans for a new NWO. See attachment 'COR FOM priorities transition NWO'.
  • [May 26 2015] Advise about interim-director FOM
    The COR has had the last meeting with FOM-director Wim van Saarloos. We thank him for his positive and fruitful collaboration with the COR and wish him all the best in his new function as Program director transition NWO. The COR also met the aimed interim-director Christa Hooijer. The COR is confident she is the appropriate person to look after the interest of FOM and its personnel during this challenging times. The COR advised to appoint Christa Hooijer as interim-director.
  • [26 May 2015] COR vacancy Delft and Twente!
    There are still positions available in the COR for representatives from the TU Delft / Erasmus University Rotterdam and Twente University. Are you excited to look after the interests of FOM and the FOM colleagues at your university? Contact us via cor@fom.nl![1 September 2015] Interim COR-elections Groningen
    On 6 October interim COR elections will be held in Groningen. Curious? Email to cor@fom.nl before 22 September. There are also vacancies for FOM employees in Twente and Delft/Rotterdam.
  • [26 May 2015] COR agrees the change in performance appraisal forms
    The COR agreed to change the performance appraisal and assessment forms. The set-up is now more focused on 'development' and the forms are more user friendly. On request of the COR, feedback from the direct environment of the employee is only allowed by permission of the employee. The COR also asked FOM to submit the modified forms to the management for final feedback. A second round of improvements was made as a result.
  • [26 May 2015] COR approves Retirement regulations Centraal Beheer 2014
    Yes, you are correct, 2014. The COR approved the announced modifications in the Centraal Beheer (CB) Retirement regulations 2014 in December 2013, but in the final regulations (which CB sent in February 2015) additional modifications were made. The COR looked into the matter again and approved.
  • [7 April 2015] Sipping and science
    The Central Works Council (COR) had a very fruitful discussion with FOM-director Wim van Saarloos and head of the Human Resource department Renée-Andrée Koornstra about official guidelines regarding the use of drugs, alcohol and medication at work. Although some guidelines were obvious, there were some which could be regarded too strict or too loose. This could for instance result in making Christmas celebrations unintentionally illegal. On the other hand, operating machines on alcohol or heavy medication is also highly undesirable. In a few weeks, the COR will discuss this topic further with FOM to ensure that we maintain a safe working environment for everyone.
  • [7 April 2015] Update NWO transition
    Furthermore, an update was given by Wim van Saarloos about the recent developments at NWO. Currently, the COR is in close contact with Works Councils from other scientific institutes to stay well-informed about future developments.
  • [24 March 2015] Central Works Council approves FOM's Health and Safety Policy 2015
    The Central Works Council (COR) has approved the Health and Safety Policy for 2015. Ralf Cornelissen, the central Health & Safety Officer, gave an explanation on 24 March.
  • [24 March 2015] Also on the COR-agenda...
    Other items on the agenda were the demands that graduate schools make on FOM-PhD's and FOM's Strategic Plan 2014-2019. The COR was also informed by the director of FOM, Wim van Saarloos, about the most recent developments concerning the organisational changes at NWO.
  • [24 March 2015] Read the COR 2014 Annual Report!
    The COR 2014 Annual report is ready and also available in English! You can find the 2014 Annual report on this page under the header More information.
  • [24 March 2015] No interim election COR @TUDelft
    On 14 April we planned an interim COR-election in Delft. Unfortunately the only candidate had to withdraw due to personal circumstances. Because there were no other candidates, we had to cancel the election. There is also a COR position open in Twente. Are you a FOM employee in Delft or Twente and interested in COR membership, please contact cor@fom.nl.
  • [24 February 2015] Central Works Council approves FOM bicycle scheme 2015
    The Central Works Council (COR) has accepted a request for approval to implement an AVOM related FOM bicycle scheme for 2015 as a replacement for the old tax benefit rules for bicycles. The COR approved a FOM benefit of 450 euros max per three years per employee. This is not an extra bonus, but a tax benefit offer, where part of your salary will be paid net instead of gross as compensation for the purchase of a new commuting bicycle.
  • [24 February 2015] COR consultation meeting with FOM director
    The COR had a meeting with the director of FOM, Wim van Saarloos. The COR was informed about the most recent developments concerning the organisational changes at NWO, the National Science Agenda, and topsectors. Other items on the agenda were the arrangements between FOM and the graduate schools at universities, the health & safety policy for 2015, the FOM bicycle scheme and the request to approve multiple changes to the job appraisal interview form.
  • [24 February 2015] COR meeting in April 2015 rescheduled
    The COR-meeting and the meeting with the director, that were both planned on 14 April, have been rescheduled and will take place on 7 April. By the way, did you know that FOM employees are welcome at COR meetings? You are welcome to participate as a guest in our meetings after notifying us at cor@fom.nl .
  • [27 January 2015] First COR-meeting 2015-2016
    The COR 2015-2016 has had its first meeting. Besides elections for the executive committee members of the COR and other COR committee members, topics of discussion were: a request to approve the addition of a bicycle plan to the UVR, a request to approve multiple changes to the job appraisal interview form and a proposition to make more specific agreements between FOM and universities about the system of planning and evaluation of PhD students and graduate schools.
  • [27 January 2015] Who are the members of the COR Executive Committee?
    The members of the new COR executive committee are: Joep Peters (Utrecht University) as chairman and Sjoerd Wouda (AMOLF) as secretary. Jan Just Keijser (Nikhef) is vice chairman and Marc de Voogd (Leiden University) is vice secretary.
  • [27 januari 2015] COR vacancies in Delft and Twente!
    Apart from the existing COR vacancy for a FOM employee from the Delft, there is a new vacancy for a FOM employee from Twente. Are you a FOM PhD or FOM postdoc in Delft or Twente and would you like to expand your horizon? Are you interested in an exciting experience, ready to meet new people and willing to make an extra effort for your FOM colleagues and FOM? In that case FOM grants you the opportunity to make that effort during working hours. Take that chance and apply as a candidate for the Central Works Council, today! Mail us at cor@fom.nl for more details.


  • [16 December 2014] Vacancy: COR member from Delft /Rotterdam
    The COR is still looking for a representative amongst the FOM employees at TUD and Erasmus University Rotterdam. COR membership is fun, educational and very interesting! Note that you have to be able to understand Dutch and read documents in Dutch. Work for the COR is done during working hours. If you have a temporary contract (PhD or postdoc), extension of your contract is possible. Interested? Contact us at cor@fom.nl
  • [16 December 2014] Result election COR FOM
    The results of the elections for the Central Works Council (COR) in the research groups at universities have been established:
    Utrecht/Wageningen Joep Peters
    Groningen Hilde de Gier
    Leiden Marc de Voogd
    Nijmegen/Eindhoven Sjoerd Vogels
    Twente Janis Beckert
    Amsterdam Casper Rutjes
    Delft/Rotterdam vacancy
    The Central Works Council also includes representatives from the local works councils at the FOM Institutes AMOLF, DIFFER and Nikhef and at the FOM Office. We will inform you as soon as possible about the COR 2015-2016.
  • [16 December 2014] General State of Affairs FOM
    The COR discussed FOM's General State of Affairs with Wim van Saarloos (director of FOM) and Detlef Lohse (vice-chairman of the Executive Board). The NWO reorganisation, Science Vision 2025 and other scientific and personnel matters were discussed.
  • [18 November 2014] FOM budget discussed
    During the November COR meeting the FOM budget 2014 was discussed. This budget plan contains the definitive budget for 2014, the starting budget for 2015 and the multiannual numbers for 2016-2019. Clarification was given by Peter van den Brakel, head financial planning FOM.
  • [18 November 2014] Elections in Nijmegen/Eindhoven and a vacancy in Delft
    In the electorate Nijmegen/Eindhoven there are two candidates up for election. During the week of 3 December elections will be held using e-voting! For almost all of the other constituencies there is one candidate, meaning that no elections will be necessary. We will announce the outcome of the election as soon as possible on this webpage.
    Unfortunately, there are no candidates from Delft. Therefore, we are still looking for an enthusiastic FOM employee from Delft who would like to represent his/her colleagues in the coming COR. Would you like to put yourself forward as a candidate? Contact cor@fom.nl.
  • [21 October 2014] Tour of the new DIFFER building
    On 21 October the COR had a tour of the new DIFFER building in Eindhoven. It is not finished yet but it will surely be a great place to work! Also very nice: the building will be highly energy efficient!
  • [21 October 2014] In 2015: 120 vacation hours to be sold
    The Central Works Council decided to grant approval to an expansion of the maximum number of vacation leave hours that can be sold via AVOM for the calendar year 2015 from 80 hours to 120 hours (part-timers in accordance with hours worked).
  • [21 October 2014] More possibilities in MyFOM-People
    The COR agreed to a number of additions in MyFOM-People and changes in already existing functionalities. Starting 2015, you can (if you want) save your annual performance reviews in MyFOM-People. In addition, you can hand in applications for several reimbursements online through MyFOM-People, such as the allowance for the printing fee of your thesis.
  • [21 October 2014] Candidacy for COR elections: before 11 November!
    For the COR elections of 3 December we are still in need of candidates in some constituencies! FOM employees who work in the university groups (PhDs, postdocs, temporary and permanent staff) can put themselves up for candidacy and become a COR member. Want to know more? Contact your local COR member or send an email to cor@fom.nl
  • [23 September 2014] Elections COR!
    On 3 December elections will be held for the Central Works Council (COR) 2015-2016. FOM employees who work in the university groups (PhD's, postdocs, temporary and permanent staff) can put themselves up for candidacy and become a part of the COR. For employees from the FOM institutes and FOM bureau this is handled by the local OR. As a COR member, you discuss, amongst others, personnel matters and organizational policies of FOM. We are looking for enthusiastic candidates! Are you interested or do you know a FOM colleague who might be? Don’t hesitate and send an email to cor@fom.nl.
  • [23 September 2014] Progress health and safety policy 2014
    During the COR meeting on 26 September Ralf Cornelissen, the central health and safety officer gave the COR an update on the progression of the health & safety policy, as described in FOM's Health & Safety Policy Memorandum 2014.
  • [23 September 2014] COR meeting 21 October in Eindhoven
    The October meeting of the COR will take place in Eindhoven. The COR is invited by Wim van Saarloos, director of FOM, for a tour of the new building of FOM Institute DIFFER.
  • [26 August 2014] New Implementation Regulations (UVR)!
    The Central Works Council is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between FOM and the COR on new Implementation Regulations. These agreements contain, amongst others, a monthly allowance of 15 euro for expenses made related to work and an increase in the monthly reimbursement for commuter travel.
  • [26 August 2014] Central Works Council elections on 3 December
    On 3 December elections will be held to elect new COR members for 2015-2016! The COR is looking for enthusiastic new members (FOM employees who are located at the universities) who want to expand their horizons. Ask your local COR representative what participating in the COR involves.
  • [1 July 2014] Follow the COR on Twitter!
    From 8 July the COR will be active on Twitter! Follow us @FOM_COR. #stayinformed
  • [1 July 2014] General State of Affairs FOM
    On 1 July the COR discussed FOM's General State of Affairs with Wim van Saarloos (director of FOM) and Detlef Lohse (vice-chairman of the Executive Board). Twice a year this is a standing item on the COR agenda. The developments on scientific, financial and personnel matters are discussed.
  • [1 July 2014] COR-FOM agreements updated
    The text of the agreements between FOM and the COR was outdated. The COR therefore proposed amendments to the text. In the new and approved version the agreements about contract extension for COR members with a temporary FOM contract (PhD's and postdocs) are more clear, for example.
  • [1 July 2014] IR negotiations
    The negotiations between the COR and FOM on the Implementation Regulations (IR) have started. In the IR, secondary employment conditions are described. There was a good atmosphere during the first discussions.
  • [1 July 2014] COR meeting in July cancelled
    The COR-meeting that was planned for 22 July has been cancelled because of the holiday period. The next COR meeting will be held on 26 August.
  • [21 May 2014] COR at strategy meeting
    On 14 and 15 May the chair and vice chair of the COR participated in the strategy meeting organized by FOM to discuss its new strategy with external stakeholders for the period 2014-2019. This meeting turned out to be very useful with lots of interaction, during which the COR was able to provide input for the new strategic plan.
  • [21 May 2014] IR negotiations
    On 6 June the negotiations between the COR and FOM on the Implementation Regulations (IR) will start. In the IR, secondary employment conditions are described, like reimbursement of travel expenses and study facilities. Both parties have put forward their stakes.
  • [22 April 2014] New COR member Maarten Soudijn!
    As Christiaan Schoemaker has left the COR, we have a new member to represent the FOM workgroups in Amsterdam (UvA/VU/KNAW/CWI): Maarten Soudijn. He works at the UvA on superatoms and entanglement in an array of atomic ensembles in the group of Robert Spreeuw and Ben van Linden van den Heuvell. Are you a FOM employee at the VU, UvA, KNAW or CWI? You might want to look him up sometime.
  • [22 April 2014] Training COR
    This March, the COR took a course to learn more about communication styles and to write the 'nota van inzet' for the upcoming negotiations on the Implementation Regulations. These negotiations will also pertain your secondary employment conditions. In addition, to be fully prepared for these negotiations, part of the COR followed an additional course on negotiating.
  • [22 April 2014] Endorsement Health & Safety Policy Memorandum 2014
    The COR has endorsed the Health & Safety Policy Memorandum 2014. In this plan a set of goals has been outlined to improve the Health & Safety working conditions even further. Also see here.
  • [22 April 2014] Advice on Sickness Benefits Act (ZW)
    FOM has plans to carry its own risk for purposes of the Sickness Benefits Act (ZW)on 1 July 2014. What does this mean? When an employee is ill at the time his or her contract ends or becomes ill within four weeks of the termination of his or her contract, this employee has a right to a 'ZW benefit' up to a maximum of 104 weeks after the first day of sickness. Previously this was settled by the UWV. Now, FOM will become responsible. Amongst others, FOM wants to outsource the counselling of sick ex-employees to QARE. The COR is in agreement with the planned actions of FOM.
  • [22 April 2014] Strategic plan FOM 2014-2019
    Two representatives of the COR (chair Wessel Vlug and vice chair Veer Keizer) will be present at the FOM 'Strategiebijeenkomst Strategisch Overleg met Externe Stakeholders (SOEST)'. In the course of this meeting FOM will put forward and discuss its Strategic Plan for 2014-2019. The COR is pleased to have been invited to participate in this discussion.
  • [18 March 2014] COR Annual Report 2013
    The COR Annual Report over the year 2013 was finalized in the meeting of the COR in March. Some of the main topics that were discussed by the COR last year were the organisational changes at the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI), the establishment of the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL), the security of personal information the MyFOM People portal and improvement of health and safety in your workplace.
    You can download the full Annual Report 2013 as pdf in the upper right corner of this page.
  • [18 March 2014] COR-FOM agreements
    The text of the agreements between FOM and the COR was outdated, therefore it was updated to comply to the current legislation.
  • [18 March 2014] Health & Safety Policy Memorandum 2014
    Ralf Cornelissen (central health & safety coordinator at FOM) came by to inform the COR on the Health & Safety Policy Memorandum 2014 (a plan to improve the working conditions), for which the COR received a request for approval.
  • [18 March 2014] COR training
    The COR followed a training programme on 25 and 26 March. One of the topics we discussed was the upcoming negotiations with FOM on the renewal of the Implementation Regulations.
  • [18 February 2014] Advice Renewal Financial Processes (VFP)
    FOM also sought the advice of the COR on the plan to purchase and implement a new financial system. During the last year, the COR has frequently recieved updates of the project VFP. The COR has studied the project closely and has stressed some important points The COR advises FOM to give close attention to the consequences for individual employees in the future and ofcourse the COR will keep a close eye on the progress.
  • [18 February 2014] Employee benefits (UVR): we welcome your input!
    Later this year the COR will start negotiations with FOM on new Implementation Regulations (UVR). The UVR has a direct influence on you as an employee as it contains many employee benefits If there are things that you would like to see changed or you are adamant that should be kept, let us know!


  • [19 December 2013] Internship payments
    The Central Works Council has discussed the internship payments with the director of FOM. There are dissimilarities between the FOM Institutes in the payment for internships. In view of the Central Works Council, these payments should be executed according to the Implementation Regulations.

COR meetings are open to all FOM employees after prior registration with the official secretary . The meetings are held at the FOM office in Utrecht (see the travel directions ). Consult the meeting schedule ( see attachment ) for meeting dates in 2014.

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