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August 17th 2019

You can increase your entitlement to holiday leave by a maximum of 80 hours a year. For part-timers this is in proportion to the scope of their employment. The hours purchased are subject to a time limit in the same way as 'ordinary' holiday hours. You can calculate the cost of a holiday hour as follows. The point of departure is your salary plus certain allowances which would apply to you in the case of a full-time job, with the addition of holiday pay and end-of-year bonus. The result is divided by 165.


A full-time employee has a gross salary of € 2,080.00 per month. Two extra weeks holiday will cost this employee:
€ 2,080.00 : 165 x 80 x 1,1633 = € 1,173.17 gross, which works out as over € 680.00 net. This comes to around € 56.67 net per month.