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August 21st 2019

As part of sustainable employability and the balance between work and private life, the employee can temporarily reduce his or her working hours.

  1. Over a maximum period of 5 years, the employee can, in the case of a full-time position, save a maximum of 890 hours of leave over and above the statutory entitlement.
  2. The saving of hours of leave can only start after the employee and the employer have made mutual agreements about this and have established with each other how and for which period the working hours will be adjusted. If the working time changes during the saving period, the previous agreements will be reviewed.
  3. If the working hours are adjusted, then the remaining work time is at least 60% of the actual working week that applied when the employee started to save hours of leave.
  4. If an employee has an excess of hours of leave (see CLA Article 5.3 para 5) when he or she starts saving hours of leave, then the excess amount can be used for this purpose and the employee can also continue to save hours of leave up to a maximum of 890 hours within a maximum period of 5 years.
  5. Hours of leave are not allocated with a view to voluntary retirement or for early retirement.
  6. This objective does not fit with participation in the generation plan scheme (see Annexe 5).
  7. This objective does not fit with participation in the SROI transition scheme (see CLA Article 14.5)
  8. The saved hours of leave must have been used within 5 years after the employee stopped saving for leave. Any hours of leave not used after the 5-year period will no longer be available (see CLA Article 5.4.para 2). In the event of illness, the hours of leave will be built up in accordance with the agreement in CLA Article 5.6.
  9. Participation in this objective will be suspended at the moment when and insofar as the accumulation of hours of leave over and above the statutory entitlement is stopped due to illness or employment disability.