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August 17th 2017

'FOM Personnel News' has become 'Personnel News NWO-I'
Since 1 January 2017 the FOM organisation is incorporated in a new organisation together with the other NWO divisions. For this reason 'Fom Personnel News' has been renamed: Personnel News NWO-I. FOM is divided into three parts: one part ('granting') is now part of NWO Science, another part joins the Operations division from the new NWO and the staff supporting the institutes and university Work groups became NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO. The NWO Institutes NSCR, NIOZ, ASTRON, CWI and SRON will become part of this organisation from 1 January 2018 onwards. For more information about the transition to the new NWO, you can look at NWO transition.

About Personnel News NWO Institutes
Periodically, Personnel News NWO-I contains current information about your income and conditions of employment as well as working conditions, news from the NWO Institutes organisation and the Central Works Council (COR). Here you can download the most recent version in PDF.