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November 17th 2019

Occupational medical and safety officers have a professional duty to maintain confidentiality. Information they acquire in their conversations with employees is only shared with NWO-I insofar as the employee concerned has agreed to this.

For the various NWO-I organisational units, agreements have been made with Health and Safety Services about the services provided by an occupational medical and safety officer.

Employees are required to comply with an invitation to see the occupational medical and safety officer.

Employees can also take the initiative to visit the occupational medical and safety officer to talk about their health or well-being if this is related to their work or working environment.
(For medical or health issues not related to work or the work environment employees should consult their general practitioner.)
They can make the necessary appointment through the personnel department of their institute or the Department P&O NWO-I if they work at a university location.