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October 17th 2019

NWO has taken this decision following the advice of the NWO Physics/f Committee which in turn adopted this recommendation from researchers at the VU University Amsterdam. On behalf of NWO Physics/f Committee they investigated, at the end of 2004, why women leave physics earlier than men and why they are underrepresented in physics.

Generally speaking, coaching is a means of supporting professional and personal development. During a series of sessions the coach and the employee examine existing behaviour and consider and experiment with more effective forms of behaviour. The employee's question always forms the starting point for this.

If you are a female PhD student who is interested in individual coaching from a work perspective, then please contact the Central Personnel Service or the personnel officer of your Institute. NWO will then put you in contact with a professional coach. If an initial exploratory consultation reveals sufficient starting points then a number of coaching sessions will take place. NWO will cover the costs involved. In return NWO expects a small contribution from you in the form of holiday hours.

Although, in principle, NWO offers this form of supports to female PhDs, male PhDs might also want individual coaching. Such persons should also contact the P&O department of NWO-I.