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February 16th 2018

Especially for its PhD students, NWO-I has developed a series of training courses. Information about the courses can be downloaded as pdf files. The planned training days are detailed in the course calendar (see attachment). For the career-focused courses (Business Orientation Week, Career planning and How to Get Funded) NWO-I expects an investment from you in the form of vacation leave, see also IR 6, Part 3, Article 4.


Investment of holiday leave
Saving time by writing better code none
Taking charge of Your PhD project* (required): none
The Art of Presenting Science none
The Art of Scientific Writing none
How to Get Funded 8 hours
Business Orientation Week (at Nyenrode Business University) 40 hours
Career planning* 40 hours

* For these courses there are separate versions for Dutch PhD students (Dutch) and foreign PhD students (English). All of the other courses are in English.

During the annual planning and evaluation meeting you will discuss which courses you will follow with your supervisor and record these on the Planning and Evaluation Form. The Central Personnel Department will subsequently send you an invitation for the courses concerned.

Participation postdocs
Although the courses have been primarily developed for PhD students, NWO-I postdocs are also welcome to participate. For 'How to Get Funded' postdocs will standardly receive an invitation to attend. If a postdoc is interested in one of the other courses listed above then he or she should inform NWO-I's Personnel Department. The postdoc will then receive an invitation for the next edition of the course.
N.B.: Postdocs are also required to make the same investment in the form of vacation leave as PhD students (see table above).

The following course is compulsory for all foreign staff:
Dutch Welcome Course