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October 17th 2019

Using the answers given, the PreventieKompas compiles a personal health plan for you with recommendations for concrete actions you can take to improve your health. The PreventieKompas also determines if additional measurements are needed such as measurements of your blood pressure and laboratory tests. The participant is free to decide how he/she will use the recommendations and whether or not any additional measurements will be performed. Participating is a simple way of working on your health before any symptoms arise.

Participation in the PreventieKompas (and the costs of a PreventieBox and additional measurements if required) is free for FOM staff. Partners of FOM staff can also participate in the PreventieKompas at FOM’s expense (except for the costs of the PreventieBox and additional measurements if required).

At the start of September, all FOM staff received a letter from FOM with a brochure about the NIPED PreventieKompas. Shortly afterwards they also received a letter containing their personal login code so that they can participate in the health test.

The privacy of participants is fully safeguarded because the Preventiekompas satisfies NEN 7510   for information security in Healthcare. Health data can only be seen by the participant. These data are therefore not supplied to FOM or any other parties. Furthermore, FOM has agreed with NIPED that as the employer, we will not receive any company reports containing health data at a group level (this is in contrast to the information on page 16 of the brochure).

Extension until 1 November 2011

The voucher code is only valid for a limited period. You can officially use it until 15 October 2011. However, at request the deadline has been extended by two weeks. You can now use the voucher code until 1 November 2011. So please make quick work of your health!

Further information
For further information please refer to the online PreventieKompas brochure. You can also take a look at www.niped.nl and pose any questions to NIPED via info@preventiekompas.nl. FOM-related questions can be sent to NIPED@fom.nl.