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April 24th 2019

  • NWO-I has contracted a collective travel insurance with the Europeesche fo everyone traveling at the expense of and commissioned by NWO-I.

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  • The team leader has a certain sum for expenses at his disposal. It is possible that for research purposes employees need to attend symposia, congresses, etc. and research establishments in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

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  • NWO-I reimburses the costs of work trips that you have to make in the Netherlands. This does not apply to commuting costs.

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  • At commencement of employment, employees from outside the Netherlands are eligible for a refund of a certain amount of their travel and transport expenses and in some cases rehousing expenses.

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  • The trainee researcher who has been appointed to carry out doctoral research on which he will take a doctoral degree may receive funding from NWO-I for a large proportion of the expenses entailed in having his dissertation printed, provided the doctoral degree is obtained within one year after termination of employment.

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