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November 17th 2019

At commencement of employment, employees from outside the Netherlands are eligible for a refund of a certain amount of their travel and transport expenses and in some cases rehousing expenses.

If the employee lives in the Netherlands and because of his employment by NWO-I moves from a place outside to a place inside a 30-km radius of the workplace, his removal expenses will be refunded and a certain sum can be claimed for rehousing expenses. The sum(s) that can be claimed depend largely on the duration of employment. You must apply for this compensation within a half year after your removal.

If the distance between the place of residence and the work place is 10 km or more, according to the norms of NWO-I, daily travel between home and workplace will be (partially) refunded.

When you are temporarily living in two places and make double costs for your living you can ask for a (partial) compensation in your boarding house expenses.