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October 17th 2019

Public transport and other costs
For the payment of travel costs incurred when using public transport and other costs you should use the 'Form Expense claim'. All original tickets and receipts should be sent with the form.

Mileage costs
NWO-I only reimburses mileage costs if the employer has granted permission for this. For the payment of mileage costs you should complete the 'Form Claim form for travel by car'. On this you should state the correct number of kilometres. NWO-I only reimburses the number of kilometres. Other car costs such as parking payments cannot be claimed, unless a transport insurance is taken out.

Both forms must have a 'Werkordernummer' and be signed by the workgroup leader. Please email your completed forms to t of NWO-I Finance.
NWO-I office employees can email their forms to: facturen-nwoi@nwo.nl.
Workers of the BUW can email their forms to buw@nwo.nl.

We kindly request you to submit expenses declarations within two months of the costs being incurred.

The complete rules can be read in the Implementation regulations, IR 2, article 2. See Employment regulations