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October 14th 2019

NWO-I trusts employees to work in a responsible and honest way. However, there may be occasions when something important is going wrong within the organization. This is why it is good to have a whistle-blowing policy.

Whistle-blowing is 'when an employee informs an instance or person about (suspected) malpractice that is taking place under the responsibility of the employer and in which important matters which are in the public interest are at issue'.

The intention of the whistle-blowing policy is that each NWO-I employee can raise concerns about (suspected) malpractice safely, effectively and without hindrances. This means the employee has safeguarding of legal rights.

You can download the contents of the Whistle-blowing policy on this page. For additional information you may contact Tanja Kulkens. NWO-I treats all information confidentially.