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November 17th 2019

On commencement of employment, NWO-I enters into a written employment agreement with you. This employment agreement (in duplicate) is accompanied by a letter of offer. All letters and documents, including any future ones, are sent to you by NWO-I via your team leader.

In the letter of offer, NWO-I generally requests a copy of an identity card signed by your team leader, a copy of the most recent diploma etc., as well as one signed copy of your employment agreement.

Whether there is an annual rise in salary or not depends on the salary grade at the commencement of employment. As long as the maximum salary grade has not been reached, there will be an annual rise. This rise will take effect on the first of the month in which you initially started work.

Each month a certain amount of holiday pay is set aside, which is paid out in a lump sum once a year in May, or on termination of your employment. Your salary will be transferred to your IBAN (bank account) around the 24th of every month. Changes in address, changes in IBAN (bank account), study cost claims etc., received at the latest the first of the month at P&O NWO-I, will in principle be handled in the same month.

Explanatory notes on the NWO-I payslip can be found in the PDF file in the right hand colomn.

Each year your team leader will have a job appraisal and assessment interview with you. For the trainee researcher this is a planning and evaluation interview. Your team leader is required to send a copy of each form to the Department P&O NWO-I. See also Performance and appraisal interviews.

It may occur that for various reasons activities take longer than expected and that those activities cannot be completed within the original period agreed to in your employment agreement. In that case it is possible (for the team leader) to apply for an extension of your employment agreement.