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October 17th 2019

If you become unemployed you may apply for unemployment benefit. The UWV (the body that implements employee insurance schemes) implements the unemployment act (WW) for FOM. The UWV evaluates entitlement to this and records its decision. The UWV pays the unemployment benefit to you and then claims the benefit from FOM. 

A few months before your employment ends you will receive a dismissal letter. Once you receive this letter, if you do not yet have the prospect of a new job, you can then start the process for receiving unemployment benefit. For further information and the conditions that apply for receiving the WW benefit, and also to apply for the benefit we refer you to the UWV website (in Dutch only): http://www.uwv.nl/particulieren/ik_ben_werkloos/ik_word_werkloos/index.aspx

Certain rules apply in order to continue receiving this benefit:

  • you must actively look for work;
  • you must accept suitable work;
  • you must inform the UWV about any changes, both at its request and without being asked.

If you do not meet your commitments the UWV is authorized to fine you and to take subsequent measures. 

If your daily wage1) is higher than the legal maximum daily wage (€ 194,85 for 2013) you may qualify for a supplement to your WW benefit in accordance with the Enhanced Unemployment Provision for the Personnel of Research Institutes (BWOI). If you think that you qualify for this please contact M.W. (Ria) Wemelsfelder-van der Wal +31 30 600 12 39 or J.H.N. de Vree +31 30 600 12 36.

Article 7A of B-WOI (see attachment) also directs that anyone who is entitled to claim unemployment benefit will be entitled to a one-off payment that may be used for careers guidance, coaching, training or other job-search purposes.

Finally, Article 7A of B-WOI directs that onayone who is 41 or over on the first day of unemployment and, as a benefit recipient, accepts regular employment for an unbroken period of at least three months, will receive a onetime, gross bonus of € 3.000,-, provided that the entitlement to (claim) unemployment benefits will be terminated.

You must apply for this bonus yourself at NWO-I's Foundation's Salary Administration, and this must be within six months after accepting work. The bonus will be paid out to you at the end of the period that applies of at least three months. 

If you would like more information please contact your human resources officer, Central Human Resources or the UWV.

Please also see chapter 8, Social security and social provisions, section 8.3, of the Collective Labour Agreement for Research Centres and chapter ten of the Implementation Regulations (in Dutch: UVR).

1) This is the rough figure at a gross monthly salary of about € 3.640.00.