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Policy coronavirus

In December 2019 an outbreak of a new coronavirus started in the region of Wuhan, China. Meanwhile this virus has spread worldwide. NWO/NWO-I is preparing for a possible outbreak in the Netherlands. We take care of the health of our employees in this way. We will follow the recommendations of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health) and the travel advice by Foreign Affairs.

Disease symptoms/information coronavirus

The RIVM website provides information about the extent of spread, the symptoms, contamination, the chance of the virus reaching the Netherlands and the preparations that will be made. This information is also available in English and Chinese. RIVM moreover provides in an elaborate Q & A page.

Travel advice

The website "Wijs op Reis" (in Dutch only) of the ministry of Foreign Affairs gives travel advice for specific countries. Via this website you can download – for free – the Travel app Foreign Affairs (also known as the app "BZ Reisadvies"). This app gives up-to-date travel advice for countries and it also gives out an automatic warning when the travel advice changes for the specific country that the user is monitoring. When you are staying abroad or when you receive foreign guests, please be aware of the fact that there can be travel restrictions for certain areas.

Doubt/advice/work related questions

Are you having doubts about making a trip (business or private) to a certain area and would you like advice on this matter? Of do you have other work related questions concerning the coronavirus? Then please find your contact person below:

NWO Institutes
P&O Advisor, manager, health & safety coördinator, Institute manager and/or Institute director.

NWO-I University workgroups (BUW)
Contact your workgroup leader and follow the guidelines of the university you work at.

NWO-I Office
P&O Advisor or your manager.

NWO-domain organisation
P&O Advisor or your manager. 

Confidental Infomation