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Privacy statement

As soon as you visit this website ( and make use of the facilities offered then you enable NWO-I to collect personal data about you, both directly (via the personal details you supply, for example, for NWO-I People or Online job applications) and indirectly.

NWO-I takes the optimum protection of your privacy very seriously and will therefore handle and secure the personal data you supply with the greatest possible care.

NWO-I has done everything reasonable in its power to effect this.

NWO-I will only use the data supplied in accordance with the purposes for which they were collected. 

NWO-I will not make your date available to third parties. Only the situations below will form an exception to this:

  1. in the context of a legal requirement or a court procedure;
  2. to protect the rights or property of NWO-I;
  3. to prevent a crime or to protect state security;
  4. to protect the personal safety of users.

Your data will never be sold to third parties. The job interview code applies to all data collected and supplied via the online job application facility. (see Job Interview Code). NWO-I collects and analyses information related to the use of this website, such as the number of hits and the most requested pages. The aim of collecting this general visitor data is to ensure that the website is set up as good as possible. The party responsible for processing the data is NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO. This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to this website via links.